Thememaker's Toolkit Deep Dive! - Livestream 21.11.2018


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Hey coaster friends!

Here's the Thememaker's Toolkit Deep Dive! livestream as streamed on 21 November 2018, for everyone who wants to see this stream (again).
In this livestream community manager Chanté, technical artist Jo Maddex and lead artist Sam Denney take a deep dive in to the Thememaker's Toolkit!


To access the Thememaker's Toolkit click here.

To learn more about how to use the Toolkit check out our User Guide here, or read our comprehensive FAQ here.
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Any statement on Flexicolors & Alpha Clip?

I can make them both work independently but the whole object turns white if i try to use Flexicolor AND Alpha Clip.

Its the only thing in my way so i can release the fences :p
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