General / Off-Topic There's a spider in my bath!

Hihi, once i had a small jumping spider (Portia?) on my laptop screen. It was literally hunting my mouse cursor
On a serious note, use some sort of tub with some cardboard to scoop it up, and eject it out of the window. Ideally towards your leave favourite neighbours house.

Also, it likely won't be there when you get home from work.
It'll be watching you from elsewhere 😁


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Well, unless the spider has any of the following

1) A Cobra MK3
2) Space Legs
3) Void Opals

It's off to The OT section for it.

It was still there when I got home from work!!
It turns out that spiders can swim.
After a brief scuffle, I WON. 😀
His broken corpse now lies in next doors wheelie bin.
I got a couple of bruises, but he's dead!
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