Modes PvP There's no Etiquette in Open. Period.

What perturbs me the most is the fact that it's 99% impossible to evade getting interdicted by a player. I'm all for playing exclusively in open, and the fact that the galaxy of elite is dangerous, and the risks that are involved. I've been evading npc interdictions consistently, even in a type 9. But it doesn't matter what ship you fly, you will always lose, which at that point, if the player interdicting you just starts blasting without any notice, unless you can speed away, you're absolutely toast.

Again, i'm all for risks, but it definitely feels slanted away from my favor, as majority of players that interdict (in my experience) don't give a flying heck. They interdicted you because you have what they want and they want all of it. No bargaining, no agreements, just straight ganking. That's not piracy, that's just theft. I don't rant often but this is definitely something I think needs to be tweaked, to at least allow us some sort of ability to be given the chance to win an interdiction.
I'm about 50/50 when being interdicted by a player. My method is keeping four pips to ENG (not sure if that actually helps but hey) and driving the tunnel like a race car. Speed up in the straightaways and ease back on the curves. It helps to be at speed and away from gravity wells. Give it a light touch and hum the Jedi theme if requred.

There's also just evading interdiction in the first place. Keeping your head on a swivel and aware of your surroundings takes care of it.
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