Thinking of cancelling PSN.

Why pay for PSN. I cancelled months ago as ED in open was useless for exploring or mining.
I play ED only in solo now and still have great interactions with all PC players and other platforms on my FC, as it is persistent across all platforms.
In the last CG, I am on PS4 EDH and opened up my own FC to sell Computer Components when I reached my own goal and 8,000T was emptied in less than 1 hour - I think by PC players mostly.
You pay for the use of the same ID on MULTI titles, something PC users are NOT insured to get... PS+ is across multi games, not a single title...
The more games you have, the less you pay per online title... playing a single title was never the design use...
If you only play a single title then it's overkill if you don't use multiplayer on anything then you don't need to pay or PS+ if you don't use any of the other functions as well..

You also pay for multi functions of PS+ not limited to multiplayer...

The biggest is Cloud saves for multi titles (PC has to pay extra for this or do it manually on a free service) that HDD/SSD is not 100% failure proof It can fail.
Failure of the PS5 SSD would be a big issue for example as it's built in hardware now, so it could be fixed, save game would be gone still
This also allows save game transfer to other devices if you have a second console... Doing all this manually offline does get annoying every month.
PS+ is built for Active multi game usage, If you're not doing that then you can cancel. fdev so far have never given away any PS+ exclusive items unlike other developers to boost console players staying with PS+…

Majority of PC gamers buy their games through Steam, which gives them cloud saves anyway
I mean, my two credits, sounds like you're either:

A) Not getting much out of your PSN or
B) Looking to make a fiscal decision

If it's B, that's totally normal and cutting PSN will save you some dough. Do it.

If it's A, you probably aren't taking advantage of the monthly free games (because you don't think you'll like them, and that's fine) which is where the value add is at for most folks. Alternatively, it's playing lots of (or one specific) multiplayer titles online. Sounds like this isn't you, so we're back to the free games and other little services that most people don't care about (Myself included).

Cut it. You'll know - quite quickly - if you regret the choice. If you don't, enjoy the extra cashflow! If you do...resubscribing is a click and credit card away. It's not like you lose anything substantial when deactivating it. Certainly not if you aren't really making use of it to begin with.

Hope that helps, OP.
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