This Dlc is kinda dispointing.

Hey, i guess you could say this might be a bit of a controversial opinion thread. But to be honest i cant just sit back and not voice my concern about this game. as right now it is a bit of a disapoiment not because its bad per say. No their are still a few issues hear and their but for a park building sim its kinda amazing. What it lacks is more or less the core of what makes a theme park great. which is the verity of rides at your disposal. Which sadly compared to the past games is pretty limited.

That said just a bit of context on me. I am not the type of person that wants to landscape and spend hours using props and triggers and all that to make an amazing them park. Sure i will still use the buildings mechanic to build stuff to fit my park. But compared to some of the stuff you can download i will say this" i am no Leonardo divinich." i am more of the type of guy who wants to ride the rides. Someone who dose not have access to a theme park or state fair. And have to travel for hours to the nearest theme park. so in a way i like using games like planet coaster and RTC3 to fill my lust of thrills without traveling across the country.

that said what made me make this thread was the fact that i recently bought the dlcs for it. All 6 packs not counting the universal prop packs. and well i feel a bit dispointed as the main focue of these packs were really not the rides but adding more and more props. which is a bit sad considering that their previous games started out with almost twice the flat rides in the base game. what makes matters worse is i been looking at some of the crazy flat rides over in Europe such as Sound Factory, hard rock and energy storm to name a few. rides i know will not being appearing in the game in any form or way.

And to be honest the cherry on the top of this cake is the fact i heard their will only be 6 new rides coming out. which to me is very disappointing as what made rtc3 and its expansions great was the verity of rides. hell just going on thrill rides alone they had more then 70 rides by the last expansion.

that said i know i am more or less going to get hate for this post. but i cant help put say my disapoiment after 4 years of devolopment this is all that i got. A few thousand props and like 20 rides.
Keep in mind that there has been about 3 months in between each DLC for Planco, so this is a lot less development time compared to the RCT3 expansions.

And if you take a look at the flat rides, coasters and transport rides in Planco and compare it to the ones in RCT3, you can tell straight away that the rides in Planco are highly detailed and the animations are extremely realistic. The rides in Planco are made with so much care and it really shows. In order for them to make the rides with such detail and care, it takes more development time than it did back in the RCT days.

So look at it this way, if they done 20 rides instead of the normal 10 in each DLC, the 20 rides would be much lower quality and not up to the normal standard people expect from Frontier. I think the majority of players would rather have 10 high quality rides instead of 20, low quality rides that do not have as much care taken into developing them.

And just to reiterate, each RIDE DLC has 9 rides and 1 variation. The other DLC packs such as Spooky, Adventure, Worlds Fair etc are much more scenery focused and therefore do not have as many rides.

This is only Planet Coaster's second ride DLC, and I'm sure we'll see more in the future. So give them more time, and I'm sure we'll see a couple more pop up during the year.
I agree with you theWetDolphine. Frontier really does take the time to make the rides realistic. I’m happy with this Classic Rides DLC. A job well done Frontier.
Personally, I'd say the "Worlds Shops Pack" was more shop focused than scenery focused, considering the pack included 10 or shops with tiny sets to decorate each of those shops, they didn't include fully fleshed out themes, It was disappointing and the first DLC I wanted a refund on, considering I had wanted Asian theming for so long and there were only 3 Japanese pieces in the scenery tab, all based around Haya Sushi.

I loved the game at launch, couldn't get enough of it, but as time went on I started to notice little things, then other issues in game, the sun dials supports being too close to the gondola and the fact if it were rl, legs would come off, the small straight pieces in coasters (mainly boomerangs) which means you can't get a nice transition from the loop to the second lift hill, you HAVE to have that straight piece, the fact we can't re-scale splash downs and forced to use a very sharp incline on log flumes/water coasters/boomerang coasters, then there's the whole topic of coasters not being smooth, I loved reading through the Planet Coaster sketchbook and at the end it says "and this is only the start/beginning" and thinking "WOW there's so much more to come" but that was all at a price I guess, I also want to mention that not one person when they requested the schwarzkopf coaster, did they request it as part of a DLC, they requested it because it was the first looping coaster you were introduced to in RCT1, and people have fond memories of it.

The DLC's themselve, I think my turning point was the Adventure Pack, I remember noticing there wasn't any roof pieces, then a friend mentioned he thought there should be Anubis statue pieces (and other egyptian gods, croc face, bird face, snake face) then there weren't any hyroglyphics or ancient egyptian stuff, or anything like the Sphinx (big cat statue thing) but there was mummies and pyramids? It felt incomplete. Then Studios came out, which was a pretty good pack, though it felt like there was a lot of leftovers in there with pirate animatronics, space animatronics and fairytale animatronics, Spooky felt incomplete too, it felt more like "real life spooky" with pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs, magots, rather than actual monsters, or demons.
Since the "Worlds Shops" DLC, I have refused to buy any other DLC's because, I haven't got the money I use to be getting, so I don't want to waste money on something that I know I'm going to be disappointed with, I don't dislike Frontier and their attention to detail is pretty wonderful, but I know with the first ride DLC, I would have gotten it if they had fixed coaster cameras/smoothness, and this new DLC I would have gotten too, I think its hard to support a developer with money I don't have when I know that they're not going to fix issues in game that people have requested.

Things Frontier can do to turn this around:
Fix coaster cams, add half walls, y'know I feel like there's no point finishing off this list because I know half walls ain't gonna happen, I know coaster smoothness isn't going to be sorted, and I know that the straight pieces of track in coasters aren't going to be removed, anyway... I'ma load up the game now to see how unsmooth copperhead is.
I am a bit disappointed in this DLC because I was sure that this one would include the 4 seat wooden coaster trains. C'mon Frontier, pull one of the people that does all your modeling and chop a row off of the Monster trains! How hard can that be, really? I would pay for a DLC that includes them! I can't create a classic CCI without these trains!

Also, the fact that these trains were in RCT1, 2, and 3 as well as NoLimits 1 and 2 makes me even more baffled that they aren't in game already.

I also agree with Aaron, the later DLCs definitely felt incomplete.
I'm very pleased with the DLC. The only thing odd for me is the Infinite coaster.

That, I don't consider a classic.
I guess a classic would be what you're more familiar with, a kamikaze would be a classic, I think probably every park in the world has had one of those in the past haha, I'm surprised we haven't got one considering there was one in the trailer :/ a Magic Carpet ride too. I'd say a "Move It" is a classic ride too, the one nearby me, I think Londoners come down and get excited when they see "The Dragons Claw" and others in the area haha
Yes, I would love a flying carpet ride like 1001 Nacht, Gravitron, Rotor, Flying Bobs, a giant flume ride with steeper drops in a water channel, a third steam train with open sided coaches with forward facing seats, and a diesel streamliner train. More monorail trains.
Yes, I would love a flying carpet ride like 1001 Nacht, Gravitron, Rotor, Flying Bobs, a giant flume ride with steeper drops in a water channel, a third steam train with open sided coaches with forward facing seats, and a diesel streamliner train. More monorail trains.
Rotor and a Gravitron? I can't see that happening, they are essentially the same kind of ride. The only difference is the floor drops on one!
Robert K said:
Yes, I would love a flying carpet ride like 1001 Nacht, Gravitron, Rotor, Flying Bobs, a giant flume ride with steeper drops in a water channel, a third steam train with open sided coaches with forward facing seats, and a diesel streamliner train. More monorail trains.
I really think the 3rd Steam Train with open side - forward facing seats would be tops too - would add even more brilliance to the game.

Perhaps that engine variation too - would be great!
Also a Paddle Steamer - would unite all themes in game and obviously go with the Western Theme - although a Molly Brown Steampunk version would be great too.

And a wooden steel mine cart coaster - single cars - four seats facing forward on the spinning coaster track would be amazing - nearly every park has something similar and we could make small versions to go in tight spots - G
I'm very pleased with the DLC. The only thing odd for me is the Infinite coaster.

That, I don't consider a classic.
There were a couple rides that I was a bit confused about, and I agree. That one stuck out like a sore thumb.

I guess I was expecting the classic pack to round out our selection of, well, classic rides. The game has great variety when it comes to some of the more obscure and unique ride types, but I feel like it's missing a lot of the "mainstay" rides that were in the Roller Coaster Tycoon games and that make up the majority of the rides that you see in smaller parks.

The rides that I miss the most are definitely the classic 4 seat wooden coaster trains (I'm starting to sound like a broken record, aren't I), the classic Arrow Dynamics mine train coaster, and the basic wild mouse.

One thing that I am happy with is the fact that the selection of flat rides has definitely been getting better. We now have a standard carousel (although it did take longer than I would have liked to get put in the game), we have a lot more basic unthemed rides, but I feel like the roller coaster selection is weak in the area of "normal" rides. The devs seem obsessed with adding coaster types that have only had one or two real-life examples built (some of the ride types don't even have a real-life counterpart), whereas stuff like the 4 seat wooden coaster is missing (I couldn't find an exact number for how many wooden coasters run these trains, but it is by far the most common train type for wooden coasters to run).

Also, for an example of the wooden coaster trains I keep talking about, just google for images of The Voyage at Holiday World in Indiana.
Ok, you say the game is missing rides from RCT games, well the inverted looping ship, gravitron, rotor, and thunder bobs were in RCT3 but are missing in Planet Coaster. I don’t care that they are similar to other rides. As for the rotor, I can currently fake it by using a centrum set to not tilt up, and building a rotor-like building around it.
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