This game urgently needs a CUSTOM GAME

Just give us a custom challenge mode with switches for all the options to turn them on/off or dial them in the way we desire. Seems like a really simply thing to add for the next update.
Created an account just to add my voice for this. Once you complete the campaign, chaos theory, and the challenges to unlock it all, the next step should be a custom game mode where you can use everything you unlocked, but play it as a game with progression. The maps are in place for such a game mode. Make it happen soon Frontier. This is important for the game.
Please Frontier, just do this, please. Once the game is completed we do not have more motivation to play. Challenge mode is ok, because with the restrictions it apports more challenge. But we need REAL CHALLENGE mode in which we could play all the maps researching and unlocking ALL things to create and manage the best park from the scratch
Sure would be nice to get an update from frontier, most if not all of us are paying customers and I for one can pretty much guarantee that how Frontier handles this will sway if my wallet opens in the future. I will definitely not be supporting any DLC until this functionality is in the game, haven't played it at all in fact since I messed around with the challenge mode and realized it wasn't for me.
I've finished everything, and find it sad that I cannot seem to enjoy this great game anymore in more creative and challenging ways.
I finished all challenges in Jurassic difficulty.

Analysis on the campaign and JWE 2 in general:
  • Although it is a nice intro for the newbies
  • although it is beautiful with the new climates, and
  • Although it has enjoyable quests

There is no replayability after finishing Chaos theory and the challenges.

In JWE 1, u build an empire-tycoon stretching over multiple islands, with different quests (core missions) of the science, security, and entertainment division.
I and many others loved that. Deleting that was not a good choice, IMO. The campaign & Chaos theory are short. Campaign was more or less a tutorial, and chaos theory a sort of introduction to other mechanics and possibilities within the game.
It lacks the feeling of actually progressing and building something
I finished the campaign in 4-6 hours, I believe, whereas the JWE1 campaign, was wayyy longer.

I miss the real challenging missions and hearing the voice acting of all the different divisions.
So yes: this game needs a custom mode or a 'tycoon' building mode, in which we can actually go through the same maps from the campaign, but then in a more 'challenge mode' way and ideally in which we progress through the island with the same progression within the science and technology that is completed before (otherwise they are actually just new custom maps or new challenge modes).
Personally, I really loved reaching 5 stars over many different islands with the specific challenges that the islands met. In JWE1, I remember going to the second Island and starting with the dracorex, due to unlocking the dracorex research in the previous map.

I hope we get either a custom mode or a real 'campaign' (which was now actually a tutorial with some fun quests).
I completely agree with the original post. This game NEEDS a big open map without the narrow sections.... kinda like the Nublar 2015 map but maybe a bit bigger. And instead of one map, make it a template that can be generated in whichever biome we want to play in. And we can set game options like the sandbox settings at the start of the game. Also we need some simple/easy contracts like "don't have a power outage for 10 minutes" so that if we choose to start with zero cash we have a way to actually earn some and slowly build up. It really needs this "operation genesis" mode. As much as I LOVE Jurassic Park, JWE2 just really isn't anywhere near as fun as the first game. It was just more/new stuff to do. But having completed everything, I haven't had any desire to boot it up again since the last update (possibly just due to the new bugs that were introduced). And like someone else said, I don't even want to play the first game anymore because I feel like I'm missing out on the handful of new features I do actually like.

What I'd REALLY like to see is a way for those of us that have both games installed to be able to port the maps and campaigns from the first game over into the second one. The original JWE campaign is far superior to the campaign in JWE2 and, dare I say it, even any of the chaos theory levels. It was nice and lengthy and had such a great flow of progression. That and the Return to Jurassic Park campaigns really should find a way to get updated/converted into JWE2. That Isla Nublar 1993 map from JWE1 is still my favorite map and I miss having it to play with. Come on Frontier, give us some backwards compatibility. It's not like we didn't pay for it.
Bumping this as even I pre-ordered the game, I refuse to play or buy any DLC before to have an options like this. I expect to have this at 1.3 or 1.4 probably. It would be lame to not add a feature wanted so badly by many people who plans to invest more and more at this game.
Found my old account login just for this also!! I'm waiting to play again for this to be added. The ability to research everything in a game and set difficulty, starting cash etc. While being able to research everything would be a HUGE thing for this game and would add massive replay-ability. Even this and just a couple maps would make this game better than the first by tenfold. I have faith in Frontier to deliver, I do understand it seems like they are focused on working on bugs and other stuff which is always welcomed! So far when it comes to quality and listening to the players Frontier is one of the best. Lets hope they are currently working on this! I know dealing with bugs can be a huge time consuming hassle.
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