This is getting frustrating now.. I can't take part to the CG for DW2 because of servers... AGAIN!


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That sucks. I assume it must be due to the sheer volume of players in a single location. :(
If you haven't already, you should log a ticket for visibility.
You may have to switch to solo until the problem resolves itself.
Can confirm it's still down this morning.

I blame Tj.

Eh FD, give your Hamsters the whip, the servers must run faster (sorry Facta :D)
I think it may be a bit more general - my wife was exploring out past Miaia (way out past) and was getting connection errors last night.
The unofficial word from FD, "Due to the heavy winds and rain, all of the server hamsters have become scared and refuse to run.
In an attempt to calm them, we gave them valium.
Now they're all asleep.
We'll update you as soon as they wake up.
Sorry for the inconvenience!"
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They aren't working at the moment. Criticise them for adding CGs just before end of working day,
but don't criticise them for not fixing bugs at night. It's 7:49 in britain, they will soon start to work and fix this.

FD:listen? fix this! :D
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