This is the life for me

I had spent a few days floating around the anarchy systems. Mainly I had found myself a few practice pirate targets (and some confidence after not flying for nearly 2 years). I decided to take the "Jolly Robbed Ya" on her first proper pirate jobs in low security refining systems, not far from my home in Harma, the den of thieves.

After a few successful runs I had become somewhat lax and was browsing the forums whilst my collector limpets lifted some slaves from a fleeing Keelback. "I might look for a bigger collector limpet after this" thought I, blissfully unaware that my radar had 2 new contacts heading straight towards me from behind. "I'll have a quick tune in to the Galnet audi-oh SHI*ONASTICK!!"...

My collector limpet melts, followed closely by my shield. I panic. The Keelback had friends in the police force it turns out, and they're not very happy to see me filling my boots with their mates' stuff.

"shields offline, taking hull damage" warns victor, the Captain Obvious ship voice . I start scrambling about with my controls trying to bring up the nearest High wake target I can before I'm dust.

I find one, I have no idea what it is called and just hit select then quickly hit back until I can see again. "40% hull, I can make this!", I convince myself, and hit boost to get out of range of the incoming fire.

"Why can't I boost?!, stupid thing come on!!!". My Cargo hatch is still open. I close it and remind myself what a plonker I can be.

Captain Obvious kindly points out that I can't start to high wake with all my hard points still out. I put them away and remind myself that I am actually taking the Harry Hiss now and should get a grip.

15% hull. I finally manage to get the drive up and spinning and I am free.

I get to the random system with my windows nearly smashed and my my heart jumping more than Bongo's Asp.

I get to the nearest station and manage to sell the (probably very injured) slaves.

I'm going straight back out now to do it all again.

This is the life for me :D
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While I don't look forward to them or seek them out, those moments when your ship is flying apart and you're looking through a cracked canopy or none at all are some of the most fun and exciting moments in the game.

Glad you're enjoying your return.
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