General / Off-Topic Thor 4 will be a woman playing Thor, really not kidding!

Hollywood. LMAO
Someone made a survivor or reality show.
Then that's all they can think of.
Now it's super heroes.
Wish they still made great movies, great writing, great acting.
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As i said, female Thor does not bother me much, but i'd really like them to make a Scarlet Witch movie.
I get it that she will appear in Dr Strange 2, but it's not quite the same.
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That's just the crappy Marvel universe for you. :p
Speaking of, I think the best of the MCU (movie-wise) is behind us, at least for me. I really enjoyed early Iron Man (before he became magic man with nanotech), middle Thor (when he had a little bit of humor but wasn't a full-on clown), middle Captain America, all Black Widow (except the stupid short haircuts), pre-mohawk HawkEye, early Ruffalo Hulk, etc. My favorite MCU movie of all time remains the original Avengers, followed by CA Civil War. As I said earlier, End Game is the end chapter for me, with SMFFH being the epilogue. It's okay, I was starting to get comic book super hero fatigue anyway!
It's actually pretty rare to have a film blindly try and recreate something, especially a book / myth as they don't fit the form. Even movie remakes don't tend to do much more than use a precursor as a jump-off point - look at the various incarnations of A Star Is Born - all the same story, all retold for a newer audience.

Some people just have more trouble with change than others 🤷‍♀️
Reminds me of a very bad and juvenile joke with the punchline being "I'm Thor." and the girl with the lisp responds "I'm really Thor." No I won't tell the whole joke.
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