General / Off-Topic Thor 4 will be a woman playing Thor, really not kidding!

Hollywood. LMAO
Someone made a survivor or reality show.
Then that's all they can think of.
Now it's super heroes.
Wish they still made great movies, great writing, great acting.
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As i said, female Thor does not bother me much, but i'd really like them to make a Scarlet Witch movie.
I get it that she will appear in Dr Strange 2, but it's not quite the same.
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That's just the crappy Marvel universe for you. :p
Speaking of, I think the best of the MCU (movie-wise) is behind us, at least for me. I really enjoyed early Iron Man (before he became magic man with nanotech), middle Thor (when he had a little bit of humor but wasn't a full-on clown), middle Captain America, all Black Widow (except the stupid short haircuts), pre-mohawk HawkEye, early Ruffalo Hulk, etc. My favorite MCU movie of all time remains the original Avengers, followed by CA Civil War. As I said earlier, End Game is the end chapter for me, with SMFFH being the epilogue. It's okay, I was starting to get comic book super hero fatigue anyway!
so Marvel took a huge dump on Norse mythology then? Looking forward to White Panther and Wonder Man the male Amazon...because people can be ANYTHING THEY WANT nowadays eh?
lol. Wonder Man as an Amazon would be confusing the the Marvel universe. I guess DC could consider it, but Wonder Woman is pretty popular

It's actually pretty rare to have a film blindly try and recreate something, especially a book / myth as they don't fit the form. Even movie remakes don't tend to do much more than use a precursor as a jump-off point - look at the various incarnations of A Star Is Born - all the same story, all retold for a newer audience.

Some people just have more trouble with change than others 🤷‍♀️

The forum has spoken.
Reminds me of a very bad and juvenile joke with the punchline being "I'm Thor." and the girl with the lisp responds "I'm really Thor." No I won't tell the whole joke.
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