Those GUYS HAD to be Geniuses...

... to be able to figure this kind'a stuff out.

Now, I've been aware of Technology Brokers since the day of their creation when they all magically appeared (can you say witchspace and parallel universe in one breath). I even visited one on day 1 of their creation; a human tech one. After perusing the requirements to get one of them upgrades it took me about 1/2 a heart's beat worth of time (which may be a bit longer than most since my resting heart rate is typically in the low fifties) to decide, "NOPE! not goin' down that path". Those deranged and lazy Engineers make it hard enough to get one their upgrades but at least they're gettable, even for short attention span old farts like me. H.ell! There's womin to - uhhh - meet, bounties to collect, smuggling to spice things up and way easier ways to make a livin' earnin' the credits needed to keep drinkin' that Boston Ale I like so much at my home station's bar and grill - "The Home Station...". The owner's a one trick no imagination pony but sells good ale, the food's good and the waitresses are real friendly, pretty and - uhhhh - easy to meet." I haven't been back to a technology broker since that one interesting albeit disappointin' visit.


After a recent long night of drinkin' ale and no luck talkin' my favorite bar wench in to takin' off early (not yet anyway), I started jawin' with one of the reglars. Long story short - after bendin' his ear about how much I wished some clever engineer besides the ole lady at farseer (nice gal - not bad lookin' for her age - wait whuhht - ignore that) would come up with a mod that'd just add a fixed LY jump to an existing engine, he told me that the thing already existed. Somethin' called a Guardian FSD extender I think. I asked him what it took to get one. He had a real simple response - "jumpin thru about a 1000 hoops and travelin' way the h.ell out into the boonies".

Turns out he wasn't exageratin - at least I didn't think so after findin' out what had to be done to get one.

You see: after we called it quits and I stumbled (oh and I talked Marci into helpin' me ;) ) back to my pilot's abode out on ring 13, deck 26, I proceeded to pull up some vids about the thing. Found some pretty detailed instructions on how to get what those d.amned Brokers wanted in exchange for one. Considerin' the time involved, the pain in the rear part of findin' a Guardian site and then the puzzle part of finally gettin' everything ya needed to turn into the Broker I eventually reasoned that the first few pilots that figured out all that bovine manufactured exrement had to be mind bendin' genuine, died in the wool GENIUSES! Had too. For the life of me I couldn't see any clues in the vids that would have helped 'em figure it all out that 1st time they showed up at a guardian site. In my semi-undrunken state it occured to me that there might very well be a GOD and he or she - or it - might'a took pity on those first pioneering pilots that stumbled on the site and sent 'em a vision of what was there and how to get it - well - either that or they were geniuses or really, really lucky. Personally - I think it was GOD sent 'em a vision.

That didn't do me a lotta good though - I'm too too danged old and too darned lazy to bother and besides if GOD sent me a vision...

But to all you yung'uns out there willin' to watch the vids and then grind the grind with what ya learned...

Thank those 1st intrepid and inspired genius souls that plotted the course for ya. For you definitely owe 'em a debt of gratitude.

Bye now...

Hey Marci! Get me another ale - all this jawin' has dried me right out. [big grin]
Not so far to go in a DBX, not so difficult to acquire (with mode-flipping). The GFSDB was the first Guardian module I purchased. o7
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Yeah i know. Once you do this for even the most long winded content in the game you can see exactly what frontier were going for.

The line between hand holding and player education is not that blurry. Still boggles the mind why frontier just go and nerf things when all they have to do is copy and paste an entry of cannon into an offical newsletter or something and then away you go. There's not much you can do if frontier won't step up though except look for it yourself.
FSD mods were the only reason I bought Engineers. So I jumped on that one piece of guardian tech.

I like the fact that the 10LY booster is the same on my Corvette as my Asp-X. My Asp-X doesn't need 10LYs, but my Vette sure as heck does.
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