Thoughts on raptor skin and herbivore packs?

Hey guys I have the Xbox version of jwe. And these two packs are really cheap not to mention the herbivore pack is on sale and to good price wise to pass up. But what’s your opinions on them. Eventually I will get the last dlc they came out with but for now the cheap prices of the two mentioned packs are hard to pass up.
Can't say anything about the skin pack (didn't get it), but the herbivore pack is... well, it's another dinosaur pack... so really, it depends on whether or not you value more dinosaurs in a game about making money off a dinosaur zoo. As for the dinosaurs themselves, they're all good in their own ways... Dryosaurus is a quintessential addition to any Morrison exhibit, especially since the previous Morrison roster (Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus) are massive behemoths, yet Dryosaurus is small and adorable. Nigersaurus gives Ouranosaurus a buddy, is very unique by sauropod standards (both in game and in reality) and is cute in a chubby baby hippo sort of way. Homalocephale is the smallest of the small (well, prior to the inclusion of Compys) and is just pure adorable itself... really, they're all pretty cute.
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