[Thread reserved for future complaints]

This thread shall hereby be exclusively about complaints regarding yet-unannounced and potentially-to-be-implemented features. I may or may not have just woken from an Elite-related dream.

- ice refreezing over liquid planets REQUIRES weapon installed--if there are no nearby submerged bases with outfitting and you (for whatever reason) have no weapons, you are OUT OF LUCK
- NEW WATER WORLDS ARE SO BORING, NOTHING TO SEE they're just airless worlds with liquid where's the kraken
- help a kraken ate my ship I demand a refund
- attempting to smash through surface ice from either direction deals too much hull damage FIX NOW FDEV
- when will FDEV patch in Europa-type lifeforms, it's been like 4 months already
- Core Dynamics STILL doesn't have submersible ships WHY NOT
I keep getting spammed with requests from other commanders asking for references for fighter crew that claim to have spent time working on my Dredger.
I've never heard of those guys, the ship is a work of fiction used as a tax dodge operates with a slave crew.
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Ever since the latest patch, every time I land on an Earth-like world, the local law enforcement gets in to running gun battles and drive-by shootings with each other! It's the bug from 3.1x all over again! Seriously?

And FDev *really* need to implement taxis! My space-legs are getting tired walking everywhere.
When cruising the ocean I launched my ship launched submersible it was below the crush depth limit and got immediately destroyed without warning - COME ON FDVEV this will be reported in Beta !
Unable to repeoduce - crush-depth indicator in ship cockpit working as intended.
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