Thread: SAGi (Sagittarius Eye) Community Discord Server (proposition and questions)

Commanders! We at SAGi Magazine are discussing the possibility of creating a new Discord server for our Community (Magazine and YouTube subscribers, FB SAGi page/ Twitter followers. Still checking what can be automated).

There are few reasons for that:
- better contact with our community
- direct communication with our very busy team
- easier stories proposal from you
- one place for you to inform us about community events
- possibility of discussing articles and bulletins

We are thinking about channels such as (We are still working on the names):
- LOBBY (For new comers with rules to agree on. After you agree on the rules then you get access to other channels)
- NEWS (BOT channel with links to our Bulletin videos, new Magazine issues etc)
- GENERAL (For general chat)
- SAGI (Where you can discuss our articles, bulletins and everything SAGi related)
- EVENTS (expeditions and another important in game events to be announced and discussed here)
- LINKS/PICTURES/VIDEOS (For you to post ED related stuff from outside sources)
- ARTICLES SUGGESTION (So you can give us ideas for articles if you have one)
- ASK SAGI (Place where you can ask questions to our team. NOTICE! Our team is very busy on monthly basis with work on the magazine, so please be thoughtful and don't expect express answer to your questions every single time.)
- REDACTION (Locked channel for our magazine team)
- MODERATION (Locked channel for moderation team)

You could join with your magazine subscription email or Gmail (for YT subscribers).
Link to join our server will be included in our monthly Newsletter and will change every month.
Our Patrons will also have access to this server.

This is what we've think out of it. Do you have any suggestions?
Would you be interested in joining our Community Discord Server?

We want to know what do you think! Let us know!
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Hmmmm, difficult one for the Mods here .... A dupe thread, But the Dupe is by the official poster ... What to do? :D
I've already reported the original one to be deleted. By mistake posted it on my own account instead the official SAGi one.
I'm going to plead old here....

Aside from a post here and there, and like one person telling me it's unbelievable I've never heard of you folks... well, I've never heard of your folks.

I'll take the blame, I know it's mine. I don't spend my every waking moment on YouTube, filling up their ad revenue, have never once listened to a podcast, and while I have looked at Discord, I have to say, it's really nothing special or any different than IRC. In fact, I'm willing to bet that's all it really is, just a fancy web-skin wrapped around IRC.

Well, except that IRC and mIRC (I use to run a couple channels back in way back when) were always more full of people actually talking, almost always about whatever the channel topic actually was, rather than posting images of cats, their overweight room mates having a snack, or setting their status to things like "Played Red Dead Redemption 2" in the "Elite Dangerous" channel and not saying anything for days at a time.

But like I said, I'm old... dying slowly of birthday toxicity... maybe I'm just missing something?
A perfectly logical and appropriate idea I'd say - as a galactic news source, it's only right to have as many channels of communication as there are viewers/listeners/readers to receive them, and Discord is a very popular platform these days [up]
In light of the feedback, both implied and explicit, we did a poll of the team leaders and deputies, and all but one voted that it isn’t something we should do right now.
The reasons being primarily: we wouldn’t be providing a service that wasn’t being catered for elsewhere, the limited response and enthusiasm with which the proposal was greeted and the potential for it to create extra work and hassle for an already-stretched team.
So it’s a no for now. That’s not to rule it out for good, mind - just that we have bigger and more valuable things to focus on at the moment.

Thank's to everyone who participated in our Community server survey :)
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