Parks Thrillseeker's Woods - A record-shattering amusement park [WIP]

Hello everyone!

Ever since I first got this game, I've wanted to do a park that breaks just about every record in the book, while keeping it as realistic as possible. Now that I have a computer that can handle a decent sized park, and with summer just around the corner, I've decided to give it a go, and share my progress here you you all.

The park itself is not going to have an overlying theme, but instead will be more nature based, using my two home parks (Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg) as inspiration. As for the coasters, I have a bit of a list of ones I know I want to do so far, those being:

  • B&M Flyer - This one is already almost done, and I plan on posting about this within a couple days
  • Intamin Giga - I'm hoping to get a more terrain style layout, closer to I-305 than Millennium Force
  • B&M Hyper - Just a usual airtime packed out & back style layout
  • RMC T-Rex Hyper Twister - name says all
  • Intamin Pre-Fab Wooden coaster - another massive airtime coaster
  • Gerstlauer Poler-coaster - obviously needed to be done
  • Gerstlauer Infinity - using shortened B&M floorless trains for this
  • B&M Dive coaster - Taller, longer, and loopier
  • B&M chain-lift Wing coaster - Same deal
  • B&M Floorless coaster - again, same deal as before
  • Intamin Accelerator - I'm thinking around 154 MPH, or 248 KPH if you live anywhere other than the US
  • Dueling RMC Topper track coasters - once again the name says all
  • B&M Invert - If Banshee and Nemesis had a child, what would it be like?
This is not a "this is all that's going in the park and that's it" list, just the ones that I have in mind right now. I also will be doing a custom support structure for most of the coasters here, except for the wooden ones cause ain't nobody got time for that.

That's about it for right now, I'm almost done with Aerial Insanity, and hopefully I can finish it up within the next couple days. To wrap this up, here's a teaser image of the first thing you see after admission:


So, I actually finished this up Monday evening, but due to school and work, I haven't had the time to actually post it here. However, I'm now officially done with high school forever (except for next Thursday, where I get to learn how to walk across a stage when my name gets called[wacky]) so I finally have some time to get this done. Anyways...

This is Aerial Insanity, a B&M flying coaster that breaks 5 records, including tallest, longest, and fastest flying coaster. Let's start with entering the queue...

As you walk through the queue line, you will end up walking underneath the lift hill to the back end of the station for boarding.

The station is nothing fancy, just an open air building for cover. Once you board the train, you'll take a subtle right turn out the station and start ascending the 177 ft (54 m) lift hill, the first record broken.

Upon detaching from the lift hill, you'll take a large right hand turn, hitting the record breaking speed of 67 MPH (108 KPH), flying over the main path, and climbing to a massive 270° wave turn, giving you a nice view of an empty park.

You'll then go flying into a high speed U-turn, crossing over the path twice (This coaster does that a lot). You then hit the first inversion, a zero-G roll:

You'll come flying out of that and start climbing to the top of the massive 133 ft (40.5 m) pretzel loop (the third record broken), which dives under the path coming out of the main gate.

Upon completing that, you'll then take a sharp right hand turn into everyone's favorite element on any coaster, the mid-course brake run!

In the technically impossible event that the train does stop here, it can complete the rest of the circuit. From here, you'll take a diving right hand turn underneath the monorail line, into a corkscrew.

This second half of the ride features several low to the ground helices (according to Google, that's the plural of helix. Who knew?), including 4 separate inline twists, constantly crossing over the path, bringing the total number of inversions to 7, anther record broken.

To finish out the ride, you'll take a large U-turn over the path one last time, and hitting the final brake run. Here you'll pass by the maintenance building, complete with a switch track and storage.

In total, the ride is 4658 ft (1420 m) long, with an actual ride time of 71 seconds, measured from the peak of the lift hill to the moment you hit the final brake run.

I'm hoping I can get a ride video up here soon. If anyone has any recommendations for a good video editing software that's either free of not too expensive, please let me know.

If you want, the coaster itself is available on the workshop (with regular supports, unfortunately) here:

That's all for now. I'm probably going to work on the poler-coaster next, so I can finish the basic path layout of the park. I'm hoping I can put out updates around once a week, probably on either Mondays or Thursdays since I have those days off from work due to clubs and such. Anyways, I'm out. Peace!
Congrats on finishing high school although I must warn you that adulthood is a horrible trap :D But it's too late to back out now, so soldier through the rest of your life as best you can :).

Anyway, that looks like a very fun coaster. A POV vid would be much appreciated.

This is The Tower, now the worlds tallest coaster, with the highest point on the track at 550 ft (167.5 m) above the ground. The blueprint itself is sitting at 5,914 pieces, with almost 3000 of that being the support structure at 174 separate connection points on the coaster. I fell like I've aged a couple years doing this, but I digress...

Anyways, let's talk about the coaster. This coaster has 6464 ft (1970 m) of track and hits a top speed of 52 MPH (83 KPH). The ride starts with a little dip out the station, a left hand turn, and enters the launch tunnel which goes up the middle of the tower.

You top out and take a sharp U-Turn into a brake section, before diving down out the tower at a 75° incline.

Here you start going through 17 inversions, consisting of dive loops and an element I'm calling a 'Corked Roll Out', where the car starts with the first half of a corkscrew, and transitions into an inline twist, or vice-versa.

You'll go through six different sections, separated by block brakes, which allow this coaster to run with 7 trains without stopping at any section.

Now that this is done, I've finished the park layout here:

My next two coaster will be the Intamin Accelerator and Pre-Fab Wooden coasters, since those two coaster will be running the length of the park. The Accelerator, simply named 'F1', will be the fastest and longest coaster ever, and will be going along the area between the front gate and The Tower. The wooden one, I haven't quite made up my mind about what all I'm going to do with it yet. Be on the lookout for at least one of those coasters (and hopefully some ride videos) coming out probably early next week.

Oh, it's you.

It's been a long time. How have you been?

I've been really busy being dead. You know, metaphorically.

Before I get to the update, as part of a required update post protocol, I am required to inform you that a previous statement suggesting that I would post an update within about a week of the previous post was an outright fabrication. As part of the update protocol, I will stop enhancing the truth in three, two, one.

In all seriousness, I had a few things pop up that took a lot of time away from me being able to play the game. I've finished up almost everything on that end though, so I should be a bit more free to work on this. Today I have two massive coasters to present. Lets start with Behemoth:

This is an Intamin Prefabricated Wooden coaster breaking the record for longest, tallest, and fastest wooden coaster. You'll start with a U-turn out of the station and up the lift hill to a height of 275 ft (84 m). That's a lot taller than I originally intended, but due to the friction exerted on this coaster, and my want to make this only use one lift hill, it was a necessary evil. Once at the top, you'll take another U-turn, and drop 260 feet (79 m), reaching a top speed of 87 MPH (140 KPH).

From there you will cover six massive airtime hills, going over and under footpaths

Once you've covered nearly the entire length of the park, you'll come to a turn around with another little airtime hill sneaked in.

From there, you glide over the mid-course brake run, and go over another five airtime hills, before taking a left turn into another small hill, into a helix, and around into the final brake run.

Overall, this coaster gives you 15 airtime hills with an estimated 11 seconds of airtime in just 108 seconds of ride time.

The other coaster, and the one that took a lot longer than originally planned, is simply named F1:

This coaster has a whopping 11,090 feet (3380 m) of track, which took awhile to add all the supports for, hence this update taking forever to come out.
You start the ride with a small drop out of the station, and through a couple turns before entering a tunnel carved into a hill.

There you pull up to the launch, wait for the lights to turn green, and rocket down the track, bringing you to a top speed of 164 MPH (264 KPH) in 5.5 seconds.

From here you ascend a 182 ft (55.5 m) hill lined with a few brakes to slow you down. There you fall into a dropping S-bend into several wide U-turns, and into the mid-course brake run

From here you go and wrap around the launch track, with a moment where the two trains are almost right on top of one another

After going around the launch track a couple of times and going over a couple airtime hills, you then go over the queue path, and dive under the main footpath. You then go into a wave turn, and glide into the final brake run, ending your 109 second ride.

The next three coasters i plan on doing are the B&M Hyper, Intamin Giga, and RMC Hyper Twister coasters, as those are the larger ones that will take up a bit of room. I haven't quite decided where they are going to go yet, but hopefully I'll have one done within a couple weeks. I'm also playing around with ride videos, so hopefully I'll have them done at some point in the near future.

To end this, here's the current overview of the park:

I honestly thing you should've made the tallest and most inversions record as two separate rides. Sure, going 550ft. is pretty cool, but it'd be pretty uncomfortable to be upside down at 500+ft. in the air.

I don't know if you realize this, but The Tower breaks The Smiler's record for most inversions, which is 14. You said your coaster has 17.

So, congrats! You broke a record without realizing it! Maybe.
I did notice that The Tower does currently have more inversions than the Smiler, and that was unintentional. I took the polercoaster concept, which does have some inversions, and uped the craziness factor. I didn't intend for it to have as many inversions as it did, but I just rolled with it. The reason I didn't draw much attention to it is that I plan on doing a Smiler-esque coaster using shorted B&M floorless trains, which I mentioned in my list of coasters on the first post. I've made some working concepts in a test world, and will eventually be building one in the park. I'm trying to get the larger coasters out in first so I have the ground space needed for these sorts of coasters.
I did notice that The Tower does currently have more inversions than the Smiler, and that was unintentional. I took the polercoaster concept, which does have some inversions, and uped the craziness factor. I didn't intend for it to have as many inversions as it did, but I just rolled with it. The reason I didn't draw much attention to it is that I plan on doing a Smiler-esque coaster using shorted B&M floorless trains, which I mentioned in my list of coasters on the first post. I've made some working concepts in a test world, and will eventually be building one in the park. I'm trying to get the larger coasters out in first so I have the ground space needed for these sorts of coasters.
When they do bring out the Infinity Coaster, you'll have to change it from the floorless to the Infinity, I assume?
Hello all

I have a small update for you all today in regards to my life, what I've been working on in-game, and my thoughts on why Intamin's Impulse coasters keep breaking their power grids (looking at you Volcano)

Anyways, in regards to my life, I'm helping out a friend with a show for charity, so I'm going to have not as much free time as I have had, so these updates are going to be a bit more spread out.

On that note, lets talk about Neon Fury, an Intamin Giga-coaster that is a combination of the three US giga-coasters (those being Millennium Force, Intimidator 305, and Fury 325 for those who don't know). I don't have too much done by the way of basic support work, but instead have three 'buildings' done; The lift hill, wave turn, and mid-course brake run.

Lets start with the lift hill:

The lift hill is a modern Intamin design where the lift hill has an added structure following the track up, and only two 'legs' holding up the entire thing (See I305 or Skyrush). It took nearly 4 hours to build it due to almost every piece needing to be placed individually. The end result looks pretty amazing though, if you ask me.

The other main building is the wave turn support structure. This was loosely modeled after the same structure on the first turn of Millennium Force, but a bit bigger so that it can support more parts of the track.

I plan on having the lift hill and turn structure in with the coaster blueprint once I upload it to the Workshop. I typically don't add in the custom support structure because it in itself runs over the 4K limit.

That's all for now, I'm going to get back to working on the supports of the rest of the track so it's actually connected to the ground.

It's update day!

It's taken a bit longer to finish this than I wanted due to being a lot more busy than I expected (see the last post), but I finally got the time to finish this ride up. So, let's talk about it:

This is Neon Fury, a massive Intamin Giga-coaster that is a mix of the three giga-coasters in the US: Intimidator 305, Fury 325, and Millennium Force. This is the tallest and longest and fastest non-launched coaster ever, even including the coasters within this park. Let's break this down.

You start with a slow slide out of the station to connect to the elevator cable lift, and ascend the 375 ft (114m) tall lift hill. You crest the top, and fall down the 359 ft (109 m), 80 degree drop, reaching a top speed of 102 MPH (164 KPH).

From here you go into a massive wave turn, similar to the start of Millennium Force.

From here you go into a massive airtime hill, and into a 94 MPH (151 KPH) high speed turn, pulling a consistant 5.2 G's of force.

(you also get a great shot if the support spaghetti here)

You then climb another airtime hill, and go into a curved drop, and go into another U-turn around the wave turn structure

Here you drop back down, and them climb into the midcourse brake run. You then drop down into the second 78 MPH (125 KPH) high speed turn, which although it is short, it pulls around 5.4 G's.

From here you go up into another airtime hill and sweeping drop, with an abrupt turn over the other track, and into another high speed turn, which while it is pretty fast (70 MPH or 112 KPH), you're only pulling 3.5 G's.

From here, you take a couple more airtime hills, a low to the ground U-turn, some twists, and finally do a 120 degree twist over the first drop, making a high-five element between the two trains

Finally, you take yet another pop of airtime, and go into what I'm calling a warped S-bend, before finally hitting the break run.

In total, you travel through over 9,852 ft (3,003 m) of track. This coaster breaks the record for being the tallest and fastest non-launched coaster, and the longest giga-coaster.

Typically, there'd be a download link here for the ride, but unfortunately I don't have it together yet because I need to rework the support pylons on the wave turn structure since it's on a different elevation in my park, and I'm working on making it a flat place-able coaster. When it's done, this coaster will have the lift hill, wave turn, and the mid-course brake run in the blueprint.

One last thing I'd like to mention is the one thing that's been missing from this thread: ride videos. I'm actively working on making them, and hope to have them, along with the ride blueprint, up here within the next couple weeks.

That's all for now. Up next, after the ride videos, is going to be a 280 ft (85 m) tall B&M hyper coaster which is sure to be packed with tons of airtime.

Neon Fury is now avalible on the Workshop, so if you wish to have it in your park, here it is:

That looks awesome! POV?
I finally got OBS to function properly, so I am now actively putting them together for all 5 coasters currently in this park. However, I did start my first day of college around 3 hours ago, so I will be a bit busy with that. Thankfully my classes are a bit spread out so I should be able to find some time to work on these videos in between classes.
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It's the day you've all been waiting for...

RIDE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. I've finally finished them all and uploaded the five coasters I've built in this park so far. So, without further ado, here they are:

First up, the first coaster I built in this park, Aerial Insanity:


Going down the list, we have The Tower:






Finally, the newest addition to the park, Neon Fury:


Now with this finally done, I'm off to build a 280 ft tall B&M Hyper.

So, It's been awhile...

So, hi. I'm back. According to the timestamp, the last time I sent out an update was last year. So, you're probably wondering what happened. Well, basically, some life events happened, and I lost the drive for this game. But, With a new DLC on the horizon and all my local parks opening up , I've gotten the creative spark to get back on this massive project. So, let's just jump right into it...

New Coasters​

This is Imperial Airtime, a massive 6858 ft long, 280 ft tall B&M Hyper coaster, with obvious inspiration from my personal favorite B&M hyper, Apollo's Chariot. You start with a lift hill right out of the station, with a pre-drop directly taken from Apollo's, into two massive airtime hills.

You then go into a Goliath (SFOG) inspired helix turn-around.

You then pop up into the MCBR, and fly through a couple small hills, and then a few sweeping turns.

From there, you go into a Apollo's Chariot style double down...

...and into a a final couple twists, inspired by Mako, before finally hitting the break run.

Overall, you get tons of floater and even some borderline ejector airtime.

Up next, Project Omega:

This is the worlds first RMC T-Rex coaster, with this being a Hyper Twister style layout. You start with a 225 foot tall lift hill, and drop into a 90 degree drop.

There you go into a very funky turn-around.

There you go into a twisted airtime hill similar to the first major hill on the Raptor coasters. From there you go into a massive wave turn type U-turn.

From there you climb up into the MCBR, and then twist and turn your way down and around, staying close to the ground, flying into a tight helix and popping up into a double down.

There you go into a double up and then a figure eight twister section.

Finally, you then fly through a camelback type element, and slide into the break run.

In total, you go through 5620 feet of track at a max speed of 79 MPH.

The final two new coasters is Timber Monster, a dueling RMC Topper track wooden coaster.

This massive first of it's kind RMC is two independent and unique Topper track woodies, spanning a combined 10,920 feet. You start with a small pre-lift section to line the trains up the lift hill.

You then go up the 215 foot tall completely custom supported lift hill with an 85 degree drop.

From there you go underground in a little track bump, and go flying up into a high-five element followed by a barrel roll drop.

Each train takes a different U-turn style, and flies up into dueling zero-G rolls.

From there, each side takes a different track up to the MCBR, and then they drop into either a double down, or a in-line roll over the other track, then vice-versa.

From there, the blue side takes a long route around to the back end of the ride, while the red side loops around, both in prep for the next major element.

Both sides then perform a zero-G stall over the opposing sides queue lines.

From there, both side take a mirrored U-turn into the brake run, completing 4 full inversions on both sides.

Re-worked Coasters​

With the ability to adjust friction and disable track limits, I completely reworked two of the coasters, and did some minor re-profiling of a third.

To start, Behemoth has become Behemoth Reborn.

This massive Intamin pre-fab woodie was the fourth coaster I built in this park, and I honestly haven't been too happy with it. With the ability to lower the friction, I decided to completely re-work the entire coaster, now with a lower friction and heartlining. The drop has been lowered to a more realistic 231 feet tall, and the drop has been completely reworked to be less intense.

The turn around point was made into basically a reverse version of El Toro's main turn around.

Finally, the end section is even longer and twistier.

As you can see, the queue line threads through the track, making for several good moments of path-track interaction.

The other coaster to be completely reworked is Aerial Insanity, the first coaster to be made in this park. This was also helped with actual heartlining.

The drop, the inclined loop following the first drop, and the high speed turn by the station following that was largely unchanged.

This first major change was changing the zero-G roll into a 540 twist, like the element on Flying Dinosaurs at Universal Studios Japan.

From there, you twist into the pretzel loop and MCBR, which have largely been unchanged. However, the drop out of the mid-course and everything following it has been completely reworked.

The biggest change was converting the original turn by the brake run into a fly-to-lie and -lie-to-fly turn.

The helix is no longer underground either.

The final turn into the brake run was simply re-profiled.

Finally, I did some minor re-profiling to F1, the massive Intamin Accelerator coaster. While the majority of the ride has remained the same, the very beginning and end have been re-profiled with more (or less) overbanking. The pre-launch section has been shortened a tiny bit and less banked.

While the launch itself is hasn't been reworked, it is no longer in a tunnel for the first portion.

The rest of the ride has remained the same, although the mid-course has been actually engaged to slow the train down just a tiny bit so that the interaction point works better now.

From here, this is the main part of the ride that was completely re-profiled, starting with the airtime hill after the launch track interaction. It was cut down a little to fit better, and as a result has massively increased the amount of air you get from it.

The turn after was overbanked for a lighter lateral G-force load.

The fly-by over the queue was overbanked into a Stengel Dive.

And finally, the final turn was also overbanked more for a lower G-load.


Of course, this wouldn't be complete if there wasn't any ride videos to go along with it. So, without further ado, let's get them rolling!

Imperial Airtime:

Project Omega:

Timber Monster:

Behemoth Reborn:

Aerial Insanity V2:

F1 V2:


Usually I'll have the downloads for the individual coasters, but I haven't got them to be set up properly. Instead, I have the entire park as it currently stands available to download and check out for yourself!
Get it here:

Anyways, I'm officially back now, and I've got plenty of inspiration to get back in on this project. Hopefully I won't burn myself out again, as I really want to get this project done. Anyways, that's all for now, as I need to actually get started again on this park.

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