Parks Thrillville! (Happy 12 Years!)

In honor of Frontier's console theme park management game's 12th anniversary, I used Planet Coaster's base game assets to recreate Thrillville's first park. Please note that this is not a complete 1 to 1 recreation and that using only base game assets will end with a less then desired result. This park is still in a beta form as only Superville is partially complete. Ogreville has it's layout but has been flipped to create the three Thrillville parks in the original circle form. As of now Lunarville does not exist. As of now the only image I have is of the Lunarville sign and I plan to add more images in the future as this is a project of mine I will not stop until I finish.

Due to lack of computer hardware as I am using a non-gaming computer from 2011,all settings have been set to low. I do apologize in advance for clunky graphics in picture below all text.

- Park recreated from original 2006 Thrillville off of PlayStation 2
- All three parks come with the original "PARK Radio" with speakers scattered around for maximum musical enjoyment
- All parks change the "Build Zones" from the first game and use a roundabout-esque pathway to all attractions and stalls
- As of now the only arcade game is Sparkle Island (Only includes sign, not the actual character that spins on top like original 2006 game)
- Coaster build areas with the Coaster signs
- Tunnels with recreated signs and arrows just like original game


Thrillville's Planet Coaster Tribute.jpg
Changes have taken place in Planet Coaster's Thrillville remake.

General Changes
- Build Zone areas now show up using the "concrete" terrain paint
- Fixed height of hills/mountains that separate Ogerville and Superville so Ogreville's new hill texture cannot be seen in Superville

Superville Changes
- More speaker systems have been added in the Superville area so music won't fade out until after entering tunnel.
- Streetlamps added for nighttime
- Antigrav Racer has been added (Uses the Go Kart cars and track since there are no anti gravity carts)
- Bridge now contains the destroyed land underneath

Ogreville Changes
- Ogreville's castle has been partially built to use the Coaster sign (Pictured below).
- Ogreville also now uses the rock terrain paint on hills instead of desert rock.
- Placed new arcade game in Ogreville near the Lunarville entrance. (Will possibly post image next update when build zone is finished)
- Added speaker systems in Ogreville along with Ogreville's PARK Radio

Scheduled Fixes That Will Need To Be Fixed
- If standing near a specific corner in Superville, player can hear the music from a near-by Ogreville speaker system.

What Will Be Added
- Finish Build Zone in Ogreville with the newest arcade game by placing either Stalls or new Thrill Ride
- Hopefully I can recreate the Dinner Dropper coaster located by the Ogreville sign in Superville
- Mold terrain at the lower coaster section of Ogreville

Possible Future Updates
- Put in Car Lifting man and Giant Robot in their intended areas located in Superville once they are built.
- Lunarville has not been started yet but will come sometime in future

New Images

ogreville sign.jpg

superville sign.jpg
Most Recent Update Coming In!

General Updates
- The problem with hearing Ogreville's music in a corner of Superville is fixed!
- We would like to introduce our third park, Lunarville!

Superville Changes
- Diner Dropper has been completed in Superville and has the original coloring in the Thrillville game
- Changed the Soda Can from using the Gulppie Sign to the classic white lines used in the Thrillville game

Ogreville Changes
- Finished terrain painting all of the walls in Ogreville
- Build Zone nearest to Superville entrance expanded to fit a new thrill ride and gentle ride along with the first corner of the entire Thrillville park to have bins and seating for guests
- We would like to introduce Mortimer's newest arcade game that we hinted at in the last update post, Luftwaffe 109!
- Build Zone near Lunarville has been completed
- Added Coffee Stall and Pizza Stall

Lunarville Changes
- Lunarville has finally come out with pathways set for the guests to roam
- Added in a gentle ride and thrill ride near the Ogreville sign
- Added new rollercoaster for all ages!
- All of Lunarville has been terrain painted with snow to keep the bright white look
- Lunarville has received entrances from both the Superville and Ogreville sides

What Will Be Added
- Add in the Oil Tanker that should sit in front of the Diner Dropper
- Create new Race Track either in Ogreville or Lunarville
- Create new Coaster either in Ogreville or Lunarville
- Sounds like Mortimer is working on another game for the Thrillville guests!

Newest Photos
Quick update: Bought Thrillville for PSP to help with the building process. This way I won't be rushing back and forth from PS2 to Computer just to get a small bit done before repeating the process over. I won't preform any more updates till then but don't think I'm giving up. I'll still get to finish this!
Apologies for going dark, haven't changed much since last update but I can say this:

PSP game came and helps a lot when building this park.

Ogreville Change!
Only one change this time around but I introduce the newest coaster... OGRE CHASER!

(I again apologize for the lack of any update and newest change just being one coaster. School coming back around so it's harder to get anything done)
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