[FEDERATION] [TIHI] Tieni Holdings, Int. recruiting. 3 players needed for PMF!


Join us on our way to becoming a PG and PMF in a quiet sector, where we can learn to play and move the influence needle in relative peace.

We are a group of veteran gamers who are new to Elite and are looking to share what we have learned and to learn from others. Veterans and noobs alike are welcome. We have a good idea of where we want to go, we just need the manpower to get there.

We are now only 3 players away from having our own PMF!

Noob or vet, young or old, casual gamer or turbonerd, we welcome all applicants. Reply in the thread below or apply in-game at [TIHI]

See you in space!
Quick bump for a great group of players.

If you're new to Elite you can't go wrong joining up with us, friendly group with various playtimes across different timezones.

We're trying to get enough players to create our very own ingame faction, join in and gain experience in building a faction together.

Various activities undertaken currently to break up the grind. From deep core mining, trade running, working on unlocking engineers, as well as running faction missions.

Join the fun today, drop a message here or apply to Squadron TIHI ingame...

We're still only two players away from founding our PMF.

Come join a group of veteran gamers who are relatively new to Elite, looking to establish a PMF in a quiet corner of the galaxy and learn the ins and outs of the BGS. We are active across US and UK time zones. Our play style is relaxed and friendly, and we frequently team up to tackle wing missions and combat zones. We're looking forward to expanding our player group and establishing our faction.

Whether you're a vet or a noob, like to play in peace or team up, or simply want to chill with a laid back group of players to help break up the mining monotony, we would love to have you in our PG. Simply reply to this thread, or apply in game at [TIHI].
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