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Timberwolf is Still broken down message



Area of Game Affected

I got this message, checked to see if there was a mechanic to drop in front of it, turns out there was a mechanic on the ride, just standing in the ride's exit que not doing anything, but it said he was fixing it in his thoughts, not sure what is going on.

Steps to Reproduce
Open my park, check the coaster Timberwolf, Mechanic is just standing there in front of Exit gate, he's not fixing the ride like he says he is.

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Hey FunrirWoulfe, can you please provide your save file as this will aid with our investigation? Thank you for reporting.
I fixed it myself...

1. saved the coaster as a blueprint
2. bulldozed the entire thing
3. mechanic then got unstuck from exit que
4. removed coaster station & paths
5. placed coaster back from blueprints
6. remade station & paths from scratch

Granted I shouldn't have had to do all that in the first place if the mechanic wouldn't have gotten stuck in the first place
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