Parks Tim's Park - WIP

Timboland - WIP

Don't have a name for this park yet, my first real attempt at a large park since release. So we'll go with Tim's Park for now. :)

Completed two areas thus far; The Village area, family fun and gentle rides, and The Kingdom area, knights, dragons, and castles.

My creativity isn't nearly as brilliant as some of the folk on here, but I am quietly pleased with one or two bits I've come up with.

Entrance to Kingdom area.

Drawbridge over moat


Let sleeping dragons lie ...

Pergola Latticework over Log flume queue

Log flume

Overpower ride

Loos and First Aid ...

Connie Express transport to link different areas

Some of the Village Area. Will revisit much of this I think as not completely happy with it

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I really like what you've done. The whole park (so far) flows so well. Loved the dragon cage.

PS Love it when there are plenty of screenshots, thanks for sharing.
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