Tionisla Historical Society - Move to Tionisla

If you have watched the video above, I would like to provide you with a few more details. During deep research on the old worlds we discovered that there was an organization that maintains the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. The same organization that laid Rebecca’s Cobra to rest in the graveyard before it started transmitting a mysterious message. The oddest part was why the organization that maintains the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, the Tionisla Historical Society had no presence within the Tionisla system. We comprised an impossible plan to move their organization to the Tionisla system, through multiple competing organizations. One by one we reached out to each organization and explained our plan. Eventually, each group agreed to take part, some for a price, some for pride, and others for the restoration of long-lost knowledge. Here we are, one the verge of moving the Historical Society to its first system and we have encountered our first set of pushback. Ever since Professor Palin has appear in near our path we have slowly been sliding backwards in influence. If we want to bring the society to Tionisla, we will need the help of many commanders. This is our only hope to restore the Orbital Graveyard, to tell a new generation of those who came before them, fought and died for the world they now live in. Will you help?

Our current Status:

We need to maintain THS in Morten-Marte above 74% until they expand the first time, we will need to expand them a second time to Bruthanvan. For the second expansion we will need to remove one of the lowest influence factions. When we are closer to this time, we will plan the second half of the trip.

Work is being coordinated on the IRH discord, though we do not believe this to be Raxxla-related. https://discord.gg/bfMXJr4
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