Tips on how to complete Jurassic Difficulty level (with special dedication to Isla Sorna).

I finally found some time to complete Jurassic Difficulty Sanctuary. I took me 4 hours 30 minutes to achieve 5 star rating.
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In order to do that you need to have 22 species that are worth 12500 points. This time I took a photo of map of the park that I have built. As I mentioned before, all of the buildings need to be situated nearby the Arrival Point (I used only 1 Viewing Gallery, 3 Hotels, 3 Gift Shops and 3 Fast Food). Other buildings are: Storm Defence Station, Emergency Shelter, 3 Small Power Station, 2 Medium Power Station, hatcheries and the operational buildings. As always 1 hatchery is connected to 4 pens. I ended up having 135 Troodons! You may be wondering why I have built these small enclosures away from the main park in the upper right corner of the photo. These ”boxes” are the lures for twisters. I save the game always when the storm begins. When the hurricane spawns in the place that is not convinient for me at all I just reload the game and wait for it to spawn at the other corner of the map. This allows me to focus on playing during the tornado. There’s also a bug – if you save the game before the light storm and then reload the save, the storm will not cause any damage to your buildings and it will last shorter. I hope that this has been helpful. I apologise for the quality of the photos.
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Good luck ;).
I seem to be having trouble with my Jurassic challenge for Isla Tacano. My facility rating's good and I'm almost at 4 stars but I'm concerned about my dino rating. I know it needs more points in genetics and paleobotany but am trying to save up my money you know. Did you finish Sanctuary so fast because of all the carnivores of the same species?
Who has done the Isla Tacano Jurassic Difficulty. I'm on it right now and have gotten to four stars but its tough. I'm sort of running out of options in what else to ad while trying to get more money and not dry up my fossil resources.
Okay it took a while but I finally gotten through Sanctuary. I'm not saying I've completed the Jurassic challenge, I'm at 3.5 stars and I've been on it for a bit now and I'm getting tired of it. It's almost 18 hours since I've been doing the challenge. I'm running out of room. I know the only thing is to make left is to update the dinosaur rating but while I'm good on money of sorts but I don't know what else to do.

First paddock - 3 Huayangosaurus, 3 Dracorex, 3 Kentrosaurus
Second peddock - Four Iguanodon, 4 Maiasaura, Sturhtiomimus, Arcaheornithomimus, Edmontosaurus
Third paddock - 4 Triceratops, 4 Ankylosaurus
Fourth paddock - 3 Sinoceratops, 3 Chungkingosaurus
Fifth paddock - 5 Parasaurolophus, 4 Corythosaurus, 3-4 Nasutoceratops, Gallimimus
Sixth paddock - Two Brachiosaurus, 2 Dreadnougtus, 1 Diplodocus, 2 Camrasaurus, 5 Troodon
Seventh paddock - 2 Euoplocephalus, 3 Olorotitan, 2 Styracosaurus, 5 Stygimoloch
Eighth paddock - 4 Tsintaosaurus, Homalocephale
Ninth paddock - 4-3 Dilophosaurus
Tenth paddock - 3 Ceratosaurus
Eleventh paddock - 1 Metriacanthosaurus
Twelfth paddock - 1 Baryonyx
Thirteenth paddock - 4 Ouranosaurus, 3 Nigersaurus, 3 Chasmosaurus

Now I can't remember how many are left for some of the dinosaurs but still I'm at between 6800-7000 on my rating you know. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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