Greetings, Commanders.

TITAN Contractors
is extending its hand to all unaligned and aligned pilots alike. We're an independent, lore-based and roleplay-based Squadron seeking to be diverse and welcoming to new players. Whether it be assisting new players with the game, or joining forces in a conflict zone, TITAN will be sure to provide you a fun, comfortable place to play Elite Dangerous.

TITAN Contractors is an independent corporation, founded on beliefs of providing support to those in need. Specialising in divisions such as humanitarian aid, combat, trading and mining, blaze the trail with us today, tomorrow, for the future.
- CMDR TheRealFlame, Fleet Commander of TITAN Contractors
(First Public Statement, 24 February 3305)

Our Mission
The philosophy behind TITAN Contractors has always been to uphold the galactic community. Whether it be shuttle runs between Hutton, mining operations through uncharted space, diving into damaged stations or tearing apart hostile Xeno forces, we are there for those in need. We're welcoming new Commanders in order to broaden our horizons, and dive into the deep black to save forgotten systems, discover new worlds or provide aid, escorts and transport to those who need it. Although we, as independent pilots, remain the solution to most freighter, combat or mining issues alike, those who remain at shipyards, constructing the very ships we fly, or equipment we utilize, are the true reason why we are around. Thus, we believe it is in our best interest to protect those suffering, whether it be the subtle reminder of famine, or the direct, looming threat of Xeno forces encroaching on occupied territory.

What We Do
Below is a list of current tasks TITAN participates in, however we may widen the spectrum at any stage.
  • Mining and Rare Mineral Acquisition
  • Trading and Freighter Operations
  • Protection Convoys and Mercenary Work/Bounty Hunting
  • Cartography (Exploration)
  • Xeno Hunting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Mentoring
We play in primarily Private Group, but we support Squadron members playing in Solo or Open.
Purpose of the Squadron
The purpose of this Squadron is to provide a roleplaying environment for those seeking a squadron closely aligned to Elite Lore. Although it's just a game, some, such as myself, like to immerse themselves into specific roles and become that role. Because of that thought, I founded this squadron to allow people to find such an environment, and meet other like-minded people, collaborating in this large galaxy we play in. I certainly don't expect anyone to find such a squadron to their liking, but if you do find this interesting, and would like to join, you can apply ingame by searching our Squadron tag, TCON.

Alternatively, you can contact me through the game or on Discord to join.
CMDR Tag: TheRealFlame
Discord: Radium#7729

Thanks for reading, and o7 Commanders!

[As of 2019/07/21, we are no longer aligned to the Federation and return to our core independence.]
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TITAN Contractors is a really relaxed group to be in. There's always someone online and the members are very friendly and approachable. I've been with the group for a short while now and I already feel like these guys (and gals) are my E:D family.

Now we have a Fleet Carrier we're planning a tour of some of the popular sites from the E:D Galaxy including Thargoid and Guardian areas. But don't worry we are very newbie friendly and we'll take good care of your. Likewise, if you are a pro at the helm then you are equally as welcome.

Come join us as we have fun. Help us grow our Squadron and Group.

Link to INARA Mission page:

Reddit Page:
https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/h09h1d Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/h09h1d/trip_gamma_tcon_tour_2020_pc/

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