TITAN Contractors - Squadron Looking for All Types of Players!

Hello Commanders!

We are TITAN Contractors, a lore-based independent player Squadron seeking to be a diverse, comfortable and friendly environment for new and old players to the game. Although lore-based, and mostly based off role-play, we are really just a group of people who want to enjoy Elite to its fullest, even if it means making make-believe or creating our own stories to fulfill that need. In the end, we feel that's what playing Elite: Dangerous is all about, and we'd really like you to join us on our adventure.

For those who want to know what exactly we offer in terms of role-playing or just general game activities, we have a concise list below.
If you're not a role-play kind of person, but still want to be mentored about the various game activities and learn something new, then we'll help you out! Role-play is an optional factor in TITAN, and primarily used for our communications on INARA and Discord for mission objectives and so forth.

We also don't advertise ourselves tied to a specific region or time-zone. TITAN is for everyone, of any kind (except Thargoids)! We realize games are not the main priority in life, so we play with each other when we have time or are able to, and the community will be there to support each other.

Regardless, below is a list of current activities TITAN participates or offers support in.
What We Do
  • Mining and Rare Mineral Acquisition
  • Trading and Freighter Operations
  • Protection Convoys and Mercenary Work/Bounty Hunting
  • Cartography (Exploration)
  • Xeno Hunting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Mentoring
TITAN is comprised of a small, but very capable and experienced team of mentors, and leaders. If you're interested, please visit our Discord and stick around. We're always willing to answer any kind of question about the game and theorize some crazy stuff about the Elite lore or universe. Below are the links of our Discord, the easiest way to contact us, and our INARA page.


Thanks for reading, Commanders.
We appreciate every second you spent reading this, and hope you'll consider joining our ranks.
o7, - Commander TheRealFlame
- 11 March, 3306

The HIP 21459 Republic Party have been engaged in armed conflict with the Pilot Syndicate 4 faction in order to maintain their control over HIP 21459, however it is not an easy feat, and the Republic Party have been suffering heavy losses.

Thus, TITAN has been contracted by the HIP 21459 Republic Party to assist against the looming threat, push Pilot Syndicate 4 out of the system, and bring relief aid to the system. Additional mission details can be found here.

The following footage has been captured by
Subcontractor Martin Oldman, depicting him fighting off Syndicate ships:

(Interested in what we are offering? Then make sure you join our Discord and apply at our Squadron page on Inara!)
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