TMT User Guide - Corrections needed?

I noticed a few things in the User Guide that are (I believe) incorrect, or maybe just needs clarification. I wanted to make a thread in case other people noticed glitches in the guide, so hopefully it can be improved over time by Frontier.

In the Materials section:

"You can only use the Specular map or the smoothness(or roughness) Map and not both together."

I think this is supposed to say that you can only use Specular or Metalness but not both together. Specular + Smoothness, Specular + Roughness, Metalness + Smoothness, or Metalness + Roughness all work fine. (I understand that Specular is incompatible with Metalness, and Smoothness is incompatible with Roughness)

Similarly, further down the page, it says:

  • Specular (SP)
  • Smoothness (SM)

  • Roughness (RN)
  • Metalness (MT)

Specular + Roughness seems to work just the same as Specular + Smoothness (with the color of roughness and smoothness inverted, of course). In fact, the Pirate Lookout example scene uses Specular + Roughness for the Pirate_Outfit material.

In the Texture Suffix Table and Material Descriptions section, Glass (_GS) is missing and never properly described.

Finally, the very last section where it talks about needing an additional suffix for transparent/translucent materials - this... doesn't seem to be necessary at all? Again looking at the example files, the Pirate_Outfit material has a Pirate_Outfit_OP.png map, and the iron piston has WS_Logo_OP.png. No additional suffixes, and they work fine.
theres ALOT missing from the guide.

animations as 1 topic would need a length description, and examples, to show whats allowed, and what isnt.
How do you make a door animation.
where do you place the Axis for building componants, like walls, etc.
Show different styles of rigging methods that work. (some dont)

Apparently 3dsmax bone animations are bugged in TMT

3dsmax users dont have a sample example either.
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