TMTK is broken?!

I've been trying to upload multiple items over the past 3 days, all of them get stuck in queue.
I let one of them sit and after 2 days still nothing happened.

I asked other people to try to upload and they experienced the same problem.

One more thread beneath stating the same problem so I think this is not a individual bug.

Hopefully this will get the attention of a Mod.

Yep, it seems that it's broken. I uploaded items over 24 hours ago and it still says "In Queue"

Would Frontier know about this just by posting here in the forum, or does this need to be reported somewhere?


Community Manager
Hamsters replaced, please continue as usual.

We've set the others to recharge.
This is a problem again. Things sit "In Queue" for well over an hour - consistently. Typically I'm seeing "In Queue" for about 2 hours and then another hour to build.

Never used to be the case
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