[Tool] ED: System Importer - import all your old jumps into Elite for the galaxy map's new filter!


Elite now has a new feature where you can filter by "systems visited", which is great for explorers. Unfortunately, it only shows jumps since 2.2 went live.

If you have been logging your jumps, you can now import them into Elite with this nifty little tool I made.

It is compatible with:
  • Captain's Log databases*
  • EDDiscovery's database*
  • Netlog files
  • The new Journal files (in case you switch computer or something)

*note that these two programs have been updated to include their own export feature that does exactly what this tool does. This tool can be used if you've uninstalled them but still have the databases, for example.

Here's the download link: https://goo.gl/A9mQP1

How it works:
  • Select files and databases via the various buttons, and when you have all the ones you need (they will be shown in the box), press "Import"
  • Once you get the confirmation message, start the game and log in, and let the game run for a bit. Your jumps will come in

Tips for use:
  • It doesn't matter if you import the same jumps more than once, the game can handle duplicates, and removes them itself from it's own dat file.
  • The program creates a text file that it puts in the same folder as the VisitedStarsCache.dat database of Elite. See here for more info: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/291643-The-Visited-Stars-cache
  • I'd keep a backup for VisitedStarsCache.dat in general, and definitely before each import
  • Note that the ImportStars.txt file gets renamed once Elite has finished importing it.
  • For EDDiscovery, you only need to select the first sqlite file, as that's where your jumps are stored. It's the biggest one, over 1gb.
  • EDDiscovery doesn't store your jumps post-2.2 anymore, as they are stored in Journals.
  • If you have multiple VisitedStarsCache.dat, the game will prompt you to select which one you want to import to. Chances are you have one for each account, and you probably need to look at the date modified for clues as to which one is which. I can't take responsibility for this as Frontier haven't made it 100% clear. Just make a backup and you should be fine.
  • If it can't find your VisitedStarsCache.dat file, it will prompt you to locate. Again I don't know where it is if it isn't in the default location.

If you find any bugs or issues, let me know!
When I try and import my EDDiscovery (V sqlite file (EDDiscovery.sqlite) I get the following issue.

Ok I've fixed the issue. I've just gone and done it via ClickOnce - that is the simplest solution to making sure the right libraries are with the app. Downside is you have to install it, but easy to uninstall, and very lightweight
This looks brilliant, can't wait to try this when I get home.
How far back will it go? (I've been playing since Beta).
It goes back as far as you've had netlogging enabled. If you never did, it's not going to work I'm afraid
I've launched the game : 0 imported, 516 duplicated and 0 failed....
I must log in open play and wait a long time ?

EDIT : my bad : trying to import horizon log and not elite dangerous log.

That work perfectly : 8627 stars imported ^^ thanks for this application :D
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