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As someone currently (and kind of still) serving, I think that's a very naive outlook.

While this line of thinking is attributable to 'air power' and how it's evolved, any Bootie, Pongo or Rock ape I know will quite regularly tell you, in warfare, there will always be a need for a man with a rifle to control the piece of mud you're fighting over. (admitedly, in the case of the Rock Apes, that's to guard the base NAAFI, but the point still stands :D)

I think that likewise extends to maritime warfare as well, where long deployments mean there's always going to be a need to have at the very least a stoker with a shifter around to fix the damn thing when it breaks.
It was a joke.
There is something special in the design of delta wing warplanes. I was about to say fighters, but i remembered Convair B58 - a really beautiful bomber.
Always loved them, especially early European designs like Mig 21, Mirage III, Saab J35 but also the latest incarnations like Eurofighter, Rafale or Saab J39
For anyone interested in the subject, remember to check out French "Top Gun" aka Sky Fighters:


Not a new movie but pretty decent if you want more realistic approach. Most of dogfights and scenes with the M2000s achieved with real aircrafts and just a little bit of CGI.
I remember "Les Chevaliers du ciel" during my childhood.

It was a television series and also many books "Tanguy and Laverdure".

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