I recently bought a QE55Q7FNA Qled tv. I know the size is different but I can share my thoughts Qled...

+ They are very bright (though in HDR looks dark), the colour range is huge, the apps are quick, 1080p is upscaled so well it is hard to tell the difference between HD and 4k and Terrestrial TV in HD looks great.

- The viewing angle is appalling, you have to be right in front of it or it looks washed out. When watching HDR content you can tell it is backlit if there is a bright light in a dark scene (Oled would totally destroy Qled in this situation and it happens a lot in HDR).

If you want to watch 4k HDR buy an Oled TV. If you expect to watch more normal HD TV content get Qled. My next TV will be Oled!
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Funny, I was just looking at large screen TV's for ED. I want a large curved screen but it seems just about everyone is out of stock with that 78" Samsung. I want to go with 3 monitors but just one for ED and the other two small ones (one on each side) for 3rd party apps like EDDB and Inara or Discord. I'm a trader by profession and that EDDB is pretty much my go to place and I'm always checking Inara for what state the systems are in. Discord of course is just for communication with my squadron.
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