Torval Strategic Services; for Traders, Miners, Diplomats & Fighters

Greetings Commanders, you are most welcome!

Torval Strategic Services is the Frontier Developments registered Player Group allied to Senator Zemina Torval, the Empire’s mining and trading power. If you want to make money in the Empire then we are the group for you! We also offer a variety of activities and training for new or veteran Commanders including Background Simulation (BGS) manipulation and Powerplay whilst those looking for a more combat orientated experience can benefit from our BGS military operations. All activities are voluntary and you are free to participate in whichever you wish and as your time allows.

Membership is open to Commanders from all platforms, all time zones, and all player modes whether that be Solo, Private Group, Mobius, or Open and you may continue playing however you prefer. For more information or to become a member then simply ask in the #public_tearoom channel on the Elite Torval discord at…

Safe flying Commanders
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News that the PMF won't be inserted before the New Year hasn't dampened Senator Torval's spirits who popped by to wish everyone a happy holidays and prepare plans for the 3304 Empire Day celebrations on 2nd January.

Caught a black hole in front of a nebula; quite pretty so we made a short video of it.

Torval Strategic Services opens Warwa branch

Torval Strategic Services (TSS), the organisation granted permission from Senator Zemina Torval to spread prosperity & economic liberty throughout her domain & beyond, has set up its first system administrative branch in the Warwa system.

As such, TSS wishes to issue the following statement to the people of Warwa and the Empire:-

28 April 3304

We feel Warwa has great potential that could be unleashed with more economic liberalism. Therefore, we will endeavour to bring a truer form of capitalism to the system's Patrons, Clients, and Imperial Citizens so that many more can benefit from the full prosperity offered by the Empire in its purest most honest & honourable form.

The road to opening our first branch has at times seemed difficult, especially with the unforeseen bureaucratic hurdles that have arisen from pressures upon Imperial resources due to Thargoid activity and the Empire's gallant efforts to thwart the alien menace. We thus thank all those that helped during our establishment efforts both in the Imperial administrations and the wider galaxy beyond for their advice & support.

Torval Strategic Services
To reflect our recent successes in securing Warwa, we've decided to modernise our insignia with a new design & more metallic look!…

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Time for the news...

If the Powerplay Maintenance Update happens alongside Beyond Chapter 4 we are toying with the idea of doing a Powerplay news service/cycle update video for our group and the wider Elite Dangerous community. To practice, and to test feasibility, we are currently attempting a largely development orientated 'dry' news service, ie one that does not feature community events, ship reviews etc (there are pros out there that do that kind of thing). Anyway, the latest attempt is below and if there are only minor problems with it frankly that would be incredible, but considering the crash course in video production that has occured I personally am rather pleased with what has been produced!


CMDR Justinian Octavius
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