Roller Coasters TR - 3B: Intamin Wing Coaster

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The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted on the government's Black Project - previously referred to by it's code name - Astra.

TR-3B is an experimental aerial vehicle designed to push the limits of engineering, and the human body. This impressive machine is the longest wing coaster in the world by over 1,400 feet, and it's twisting track not only features two inversions (including a 151ft loop), it also has 25 track crossovers that will take you over home base and the desert landscape. TR-3B may be the most intense modern coaster ever. You will experience a moment of 5g, and ejector air of -1.3g. Ready to be the next test pilot?

The Stats:
Length: 5,609 ft.
Height: 204 ft.
Drop: 198 ft.
Speed: 78 mph
Ride Time: 1 minute, 56 seconds
Inversions: 2 (151 ft. tall Loop, Zero G Roll)
Max Positive G-force: 5.3
Max Negative G-force: -1.35
Max Lateral G-force: 2.11

Excitement - 7.00
Fear - 4.50
Nausea - 1.48

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