Tracker Ride won't stop at 90 degree angle

Hi everyone,

I'm going to try my best to explain myself haha I'm trying to build a dark ride with the Tracker from Magnificent Rides Collection and I want it to stop at a 90 degree angle to watch a video. I can get the car to stop but for some reason it sits just past 90 degrees making the riders look slightly off screen. When I ride the ride, I want the screen to be centered but I can always see a part of the wall on the right side. I took a couple pictures but not sure how to post them here. I used F12 while running the game through Steam.

I was also curious if there was a way to make a dark ride above ground without using the terrain tool to make the ride dark inside.

I absolutely love the game but sometimes I feel overwhelmed when playing and stop because things are a little too complicated to figure out. It's taken me hours to try and figure out the Tracker ride to begin with and I'm still not entirely comfortable building a ride haha

Thanks for any help!
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