Trading price lock

I strongly believe the game needs a price lock for trading animals. Here is what I mean by that:
I'm adopting an ostrich for 20 leaves. I should be unable to immediatly sell the ostrich for anything higher than 20 leaves.
Reason: People are lurking at the trade center looking for a cheap animal and immediatly reselling it for a higher price. Doing that for a while, not only will they have quite the profit but also inflated the market.
My idea or wish would be to first put a lock on the price for an animal that never left the trade center. It could also be good to have a price lock for different "qualities" of animals, judging the appeal and rating so we dont spam the market with ridiculous trades like 10k leaves ostriches.
I'm very passionate about the first part though cause I feel like it takes a lot of fun out of the game and while the real world operates like that I think for a game like Planet Zoo it's just kinda unfitting.
A lot of people mentioned it and:

  • Unable to sell
  • Extra fee
  • Cooldown period for 1 or 2 years (age of animals)

have been suggested. People lurking the trade center is just an annoyance. Some people sold cheap animals to help people out and then you read a tip on this forum that you should buy the bargains en quickly sell them for cc.
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