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Lol! My Cutter is shieldless, but it does come fitted with the most advanced technology in the advanced docking computer...

I didn’t think I’d enjoy bulk trading, always sounded boring to me. It was one of the last things I learned to do in ED, if there is such a thing.
It was a bit of a eureka moment when I started pulling in really profitable trades, so much so that I restarted my CMDR and went from Sidey -> T9 just from pure trading...

...I remember being so excited to buy my first T9 that I forgot to account for its jump range and ended up trapped in a system moving biowaste around until I was solvent enough to afford a better FSD.

It was good times though, digging yourself out of that kind of hole as a trader is wicked. Trucking is fun... 👍
Following a bit of R&R after my trip to Beagle Point, now ready to start doing more trading to push my rating and faction affinity.

Looking at a budget up to 300 million - reading around here and Reddit the Type 9 seems to be the all round favourite. Not got the Imperial rank yet for a Cutter. Any links or suggestions for an optimum build, passenger/cargo combo? Going to be operating largely in The Bubble so jump range not a huge issue, though I'll still get Farseer to give it a tune up. I'm at Founders World so access to modules not a problem.

Many thanks.

Anaconda is excellent for passengers due to the internal layout and how passengers often work.
Well the "Wiltshire Hauler" is up and running, headed for Empire space to look for some profitable trading runs. Suspect it will take a bit longer to reach Elite for trading vs. exploration. Reading through the subsequent advice, once my money builds up again I may also buy and outfit a T9 just for the hell of it - variety is the spice of life or, for that matter, cold death in the vacuum of pace.

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