Training: Challenge Scenarios - Incursion: Competent. Question on Hostile Tactics?

Just made Elite trader and am now focused on developing better combat skills. Retired and play everyday. Routine is to fly one or two challenge missions to get started. Usually start with an Incursion: Competent, first, and then a Mostly Harmless to relax and remember what used to be hard is now easy.

Question I have is, what is the hostile pilot doing in the 5th wave, i.e., what maneuver does he execute that keeps me from being able to get passed him and behind him?

I have learned how to stop the jousting for the most part, by flying to the side as the first 4 waves approach, then thrust down while pitching up to get behind the hostile. I'm able to take out the first 4 targets and have 100% hull and most of my multi-cannon ammo, then wave 5 comes at me and I cannot get around him and have not been able to figure out how to survive. Any tips on how develop a better understanding how to fly would be appreciated.
I would love to know how to get behind the enemy in the competent scenario.... I can easily defeat all the ships mostly harmless, but for the life of me I can't outmanoeuvre the competent one....:(
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