Transfering Online Franchise Zoos to Sandbox or Offline Franchise

Before I start, if this is already a thing or there is a way to do this that we know of from the beta than please forgive and ignore the rest of this post. Though do be sure to tell me it's already possible!

As the title states, an option to transfer an online franchised zoo to the offline version or sandbox mode would be ideal.

For obvious reasons, doing this in the reverse order I. E. turning a Sandbox zoo into a franchise zoo shouldn't be an option.

It makes sense, especially for Sandbox mode, as someone may want to test out new ideas or themes etc before putting them down in their online version. It'd especially help with creating zones and knowing exactly where you want certain animals to be even though you don't own them yet and making a perfect habitat in that spot and blueprinting it for use on the online version.

I would personally reccomened it just copies the zoo over rather than move the zoo from one to the other and delete the franchised version.
Great idea, I think this would help the online part greatly...

When the online market slows down and you don't want to restart or have the perfect zoo, you can keep your progress and explore the offline parts of the game
I, too, would love this. I'm spending a lot of time in my franchise zoo, but it'd be neat if I could copy the zoo into sandbox, turn off all the maintenence stuff I have to do so I can walk around and enjoy the zoo without constantly having to deal with emergencies.
I agree this would be a great idea if a franchise zoo someone owned went bankrupt they could just transfer it into sandbox and continue it.
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