Transmission for Sirius Corporation and Wreaken Construction Security


To Wreaken Construction and Sirius Corporation:

I am Captain Histarium of the newly formed Initiative Ghosts of Col 70. We, on behalf of the galaxy at large, hereby place your continued unlawful ownership of the COL 70 Sector under Blockade. Our demands are as follows: The immediate release of COL 70 Sector for inspections by appropriate authorities. A public letter of apologies for the 5 lost lives of the area. We MUST implore you to follow these demands, as it is a clear violation of the galaxy for Wreaken Construction and Sirius Corporation to operate in the area without first proving that the two companies are not violating Human Rights. We believe that you have continually put the lives of your employees and others in the galaxy at risk by not providing safe working environments.

We, The Ghosts of COL 70, named in part to remember the lives whom have been taken to further your research projects, need only look to the Formidine Rift, Hawkings Gap, and Conflux to see the recently uncovered documents of deceit by your company. To make matters worse, a total of five lives have been documented by GalNet as lost to the region of Col 70, Not including the undocumented reports of Sirius Corporation Security Forces claiming the lives of many others in the area. We stand against the Sirius Corporation Navy who wishes to forcibly deter those who stray to close to the area, as evident by the vast amount of ship wrecks that any one pilot can find and see for themselves. Thus, if Sirius Corporation does not, and will not meet our demand, or at the very least attempt to negotiate with us, we will be forced to continue our blockade until the Col 70 Sector runs dry of supplies. If you comply to negotiate with our imitative, (( by 2.4 at the latest)) we will then return what fuel and construction materials we have taken from convoys who attempt to breach our blockade.

Should you resist with force, We will promptly take action with an equal force that will destabilize your hold on the galaxy. (( UA Bombing of stations and forcing Sirius Corporation out of every solar system besides Sirius so that people can no longer obtain the Sirius Permit)) Please also note, that Silence is not going to make us give up the blockade either. Nor will trying to keep us quiet. We are watching Sirius Corporation.

>>AUDIO DOCUMENT SIGNED "Captain Histarium of the Ghosts of COL 70 Project"

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Although I really like Sirius (I don't really know why), I support this blockade. Let the emergent gameplay commence (also, let's cross FDev plans a bit so it gets interesting).
*sighs heavily looking at the absence of transmissions on his ship the Barghest. He turns to fiddle with a few panels and begins to record a new transmission, this time to all Ghosts underneath him* "No response from Sirius Corp or Wreaken Construction. The missions is a go. Start your patrols, Interdict any and all convoys as per our briefings."

MAY 24 3303

To Wreaken Construction and Sirius Corporation Security Forces:

It seems you have yet to reply, despite our continued efforts to blockade the region and continued presence in the area. This upsets me, My fleet and I will only take action until you do fully respond to our demands. I have placed members of the Fleet nearest to Sirius Corporation and Wreaken Construction held systems. Effectively immediately, we will begin attacking and blockading your systems until you will open up negotiations to us. Fail to comply with our previous demands will mean we will have no choice but to use any drastic measures at our disposal. We will not hesitate to take the permits by force if we need to do so. Do be advised, any attempt to counter us will be met with swift retaliation in other areas...

I bid you farewell, from here on out you wont hear from me over a recording, but rather in person, in whatever state you see fit. Remember, your actions speak louder than your words.

>>DOCUMENT SIGNED: "Captain Histarium of the Ghosts of Col 70 Project"
Day by day, the rebellion grows!

Singularity salutes Initiative Ghosts of Col 70. Know that you are not alone, and consider how you may benefit from collaborations.
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