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It would be wonderful if the gondola from Planet Coaster would be moved over to Planet Zoo. There are a lot of zoos that have some sort of skylift ride to get people from one end of the zoo to the other.

Additionally, can we get the option to make a train of monorail cars? Most zoos that have monorails, like trains, need the capacity of a multi-car train.


Yeah, I'm with NZFanatic on this one, what you seem to be suggesting is something that is functionally the same but has a different aesthetic. Could you perhaps elaborate why the in game one does not suit your needs? And how this new gondola ride would function differently than the current gondola ride (the aesthetic part is obvious)?
What we have in game is a suspended monorail. It moves in a circular (loop) track formation. A chairlift is nothing like this. It moves from point A to point B and back. Just like the chairlifts in Planet Coaster it has a smaller footprint and is effective at getting guests from one side of a park to the other. Additionally a chairlift goes higher than a suspended monorail would, giving guests a birds-eye view of the animals.

Trying to accomplish the same thing with the suspended "gondola" that is in game would not look nor function anything like a chairlift would.
Ah I see. As a note, pretty sure you can set up the in game gondola to a shuttle mode instead of operating on a complete loop (not sure exactly how but I've seen some YT videos where they did just that). Still won't be a chair lift (which I would say is something separate from a gondola, at least in the region I live), but could still function similarly. I have also seen some videos where people "twinned" two gondola rides (put them side by side) to get more of a chairlift function. Not an ideal solution, workaround for the moment though (I agree, a simple chair lift would be cleaner)
Shuttle mode won't be nearly as effective as it will be just moving one car back and forth instead of moving many peeps as an actual transport.

I'm not looking for a workaround using what is in game. I am leaving a suggestion to the Devs of something that others like myself might like to have in game as we are building our realistic zoos.
I've been pitching the cable car gondola - with a cable - for ages. Not the in game suspended monorail track thingy.
Maybe people are really not seeing the difference between one with a cable and the other that has huge supports, huge track pieces and massive carriages - would love the one in your photo :) It would be more functional and have a smaller foot print - longer thin Cables as well - maybe 100 m lengths and a single pole tower to fit snuggly into the landscape.

With multiple stations too. Would be great to have 45 degree track for high areas of a mountainous park. Great suggestion -
Like the suggestion Evolution - but I would love a ride that has a tiny foot print and high patron capacity - and multiple drop off points for passengers to alight at different areas of a zoo or attraction.

Kolmården Zoo has the best aerial gondola that has a kind of one direction ride that loops all over the attractions - that would be awesome and there was a cable car design in some concept art Isaw for Planet Zoo - I'll try to find it . . . The transport items in game would be improved if they have a new cable car and a long monorail train with forward facing seats and longer trains - I say this because I always have huge lines for the transport rides and a group capacity re think for the rides would be great - like the group capacity with Planco's Gondola ride. Would cycle through more guests.

With the Gondola - Only two small station ends and no real track space needed to glide over attractions and with thin poles in enclosures that don't visually obstruct the exhibit or aesthetic of the landscape would be great.

PlanCo's is great, but the only issue with the gondola is the 40 meter lengths - would be great to have 100-150 m cable lengths and two pole varieties - a thick-ish pole and maybe a thin girder variety for more vintage look.

Perhaps two types of small cabin - vintage and the modern type, similar to Planco's modern one.
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That's the problem I'm currently having with the monorail too. Capacity is way down because they are all loading individual cars that only hold a small amount of people.
I'd love to see something like an expansion of some of the rides for a more "green" option. Things like a bike path with bike rental stations, and an additional option for a water tour with kayaks/canoes (Or even swan boats). And some better water barriers to let them get a bit closer.
Oh I really miss those in game. All the rides from the game are weirly automated futuristic things that I have never really seen in real life zoos. Would love a simple suspended cable gondolas, safari cruisers "trains" and a safari truck ride that is not automated on the line. But rather that it have a driver and is on more natural path. Never understood why the safari truck ride is automated? It is highly unlikely that some kind of staff member would not go with the guests to make sure they are safe during the ride.

I am currently not using any rides because they look very unrealistic in a zoo to me.
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Agree with you too FoxyDee - the amazing rides presently could do with larger capacity and/or more options as well - bigger steam train carriages - like Planco - 25 peeps per carriage (like Jackson Sharp open excursion carriages - similar to Busch Gardens Trains) and with a beautiful engine from Planco; the Gondola - cable version - with a rework of Planco's fabulous gondola cars - or the same - for the windowed cable cars would work well with the weathers and climates in game - for they are superb :) and (dare I say it) bigger truck safari with a cool driver. Would all add more exciting variety to this awesome game. Thanks Dev's for all of your amazing and inspiring work :) This game is so beautiful x
Whoops forgot to mention - the monorail - long trains and maybe like the Chester Zoo monorail trains with windows for bad weather/snow/freezing bits off conditions - they are/were soooo cute.
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