Transporting & safey of Animals to other zoo?

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And like to ask would you all like it if delivery like drivers good one are hired and little detail things like how to transport them properly so less stress and less injury occurs? Perhaps like a long road on the map so these things can occur in real time? Issues that can happen can occur while on the road? Or would this be too complicated? Perhaps an expansion if its a good idea? But with taking care of the animals and making sure the box is all checked would be something i like to see. Even right medication given as they need to be taken to the docs to check before being certified to be fit to ship. And also staff to help them stay calm while moving into the box?

And then when the animal arrive to the other zoo then there should be staff to help the animal adjust as you don't just put the animal with other animals they got to be on their own for a while till its ready for them to mix with the others. And depending on their personalities like chimps things could get ugly or could turn our good so i would love to see that happen in the game things to focus on if other things get boring.

I saw a documentary how they had to spend alot of time preparing and packing reptiles to be ship of to the airport so if they also have this where staff can spend time carefully packing each one into a proper crate base on exp and learning. It would be so fun to take a peek and see how its going! :)
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