News Trappist-1 Discovery's Impact on Elite Dangerous

Excellent stuff!

Is there a chance that the galaxy will someday include missing but famous celestial bodies, like the Pistol Star, UY Scuti and other missing hypergiants?
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Well... ED's universe surely modelling ours as far we talk about stars and a lot of other things. But talking about it's timeline, and history, the way how society and human empires working? Don't be so sure about it, not to mention, there are certain elements what i think it's better if don't come to pass, like a big nasty nuclear world war, and what coming after it. Al trough i'm a big fan of those post apocalyptic vision, and Ed's universe, but yet? :)

If we can reach the future without such things its better right?
It can be stopped if meant to come pass? Nope!

Not to mention the official timeline are already outdated.
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Great.. load up the advanced system scanner and DSS and lets race to see who can be first discoverer


"Bet it already says 'Discovered by NASA in 2017' :p
Run by the Trappist-1 Monks faction :D
Makers of a nice rare ale. :)
Awesome, of course the real takeaway here is "life" .... It would be very different lighting on these worlds much dimmer but just as warm for the planets close in some with a 1 day orbit around the sun, many would be tidally locked.
Now that'd be cheating!

Maybe a special line that says "Initially Discovered by NASA" or whatever agency? And then the normal 'discovered by CMDR Name'? :p
Oh don't go creating special lines! No need to delay 2.3.

Just use CMDR Bunch O. Boffins

Because several teams are involved. NASA isn't really right. The first 3 planets were discovered by folks in Belgium using the TAPPIST telescope in Chile. The 4 other planets just discovered were by another group using the Spitzer Space Telescope.
AWESOME Decision Frontier! [up]

Can't wait to check it out! Nice that it is so close to Sol! Means pretty much everyone will have a chance to visit. :D
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