Traveling to/from Colonia with your fleet carrier? Post it here so people can hitchhike in your ship!

If you're an Admin for a discord server you can follow our #final-call channel with daily info on carriers heading between the main destinations in the galaxy. Just head to Fleet Carrier Owners Club, scroll down to the Hitchhiker's section and you'll see #final-call. Once there, click the 'Follow' button at the top and choose which server and channel you want the posts to be published in.

#final-call is currently followed by 45 servers. Edit: 80 servers.



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For info, our #final-call announcement channel posts (see above) are now also on Reddit for those who aren't into discord.

K2N-GVB A'Tuin will depart from Ratraii on Friday 19th evening (well, early on Saturday, around 00:30 UTC).
Destination is Fiden in the Bubble, expected arrival on Sunday 21st in the morning.
Stopover at Collection of Wonders, trip resumes on Saturday 20th evening (again... early Sunday 21st at 00:30 UTC).

Shipyard and outfitting are available, and the A'Tuin is buying some tritium if you mind mining (no need though, the current reserves are enough to return to the Bubble).
[KYRG] UST Gettysburg will be leaving for Colonia on 3/31/2021 will be staying at Colonia for a couple days and then on and out exploring. Returning sometime before Odyssey comes to Xbox. So it could be awhile before our return. Currently in Mainani. We will be moving around tonight for refuel but will be back in Mainani later tonight. Gamer tag on Xbox is CapJLP.
Do the carriers occupy the same positions in the Private and Single player games as the Public ones, and can you help with mining Tritium on the way if so?
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