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Triggers reordering themselves incorrectly when placed in a station.



Area of Game Affected

Video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbN7g0GdQRQ

Triggers placed in a station will not order themselves properly. You have to drag them back from your first track piece if you want them to start as soon as your coaster does. and when you drag them back the game will consider the one you put first as the last trigger. When you go to move them around and get them in the correct order, they will get out of order and jumble into a random mess.

This issue arose because I'm trying to time a coaster with Assassin by Muse, and I wanted the lights to start flashing as soon as the song started. So to fix this particular issue I think 2 things would be good to add/fix;

1. allow us to choose when music starts on a ride. Having the music start instantly makes it so I have to build into my station and have guests standing in the tunnel which I do not want at all.

2. Fix the issue with triggers thinking that the front of a station is the end of the track.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Try to order triggers inside the station of an incomplete coaster
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Frontier QA Team
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I have checked this and haven't been able to get any issue with the number sequence shifting out of order. Any trigger placed past the end of a station will become 1, so I'd recommend laying out all of your triggers from the point on the station you wish them to start, but don't assign anything to them until they are all in position. Then go through and assign the lights based on the trigger number and its position in the sequence.

This seems like quite a specific case, that is conflicting with the intended design of the trigger system (that is, trigger numbering starting from the first section of track, with the station counting as the end of the ride). This in itself might be worth raising in the Suggestions and Ideas forum section, to see if folks are also experiencing issues with this. :)