Parks Tripsdrill inspired park

This is the park i'm most proud of. I started a long time ago with the idea to make a park inspired by Tripsdrill, which is a park in Germany with small and gentle rides. This is why there is no big/high/extreme coaster in the park (And also because i'm bad at building them).

I was wondering what you guys think and if you have some feedback or suggestions.

Image 1: Park from above with no entrance building

Image 2: Entrance area with Chair-O-Plane

Image 3: The main point of the park with the hotel on the right

Image 4: Fontain with trainstation and hotel in the background

Image 5: The Iron Claw

Image 6: Rapid River

Image 7: Rapid River from above with the Mine Train Coaster running through it

Image 8: North side of the park

Image 9: Spinning Coaster

Image 10: Spinning coaster with a Test Flight ride in the North-West corner of the park

Image 11: The Train Station with the Spinning Coaster stationbuilding on the right

Image 12: Point where guests can get ''fish'' with the Victory in the background

Image 13: Food plaza with some other rides around it

Image 14: Mine Train Coaster that isn't finished yet

Image 15: Mine Train running

Image 16: The unfinished and ugly angle

Image 17: Wooden Coaster that isn't finished yet

Image 18: Wooden Coaster Lay-out

Image 19: Rapid River lay-out



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the pictures look great. Love the rapids w/ the mine train. The wooden coaster looks great. [up][happy]
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