Tropenhalle // tropical Dome

It looks really great! So much passion in all of this!

But theres one thing i would recommend to you. on the last pic of your first posting youve made something like bridge by the new temple-walls of the dlc. I also recognized in my buildings that it looks even better, when you build walls by your own with the new rocks of the dlc. They are called "Tempelsteine". With these you can build a wall like this by your own. and it looks way better, realistic and theres a lot more "Depth" in the structure then using these 4x4 or 2x4 walls.

It maybe takes some time, but seeing your pics i dont think spending time and passion into all of that isnt a problem for you ;)
I just did it in my gorilla habitat. Build the walls by my own, just used those 4x4 walls as a background. I think something like this would look really great there at this point in your building. (maybe without the "broken" look, but made by yourself)



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Great zoo! As with some other zoos shared on the forums, this one reminds me of the large greenhouse in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen (The Netherlands), my local zoo. You've made a nice looking greenhouse! :)
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