Truckers up Teide - the In Game Challenge! 11th November

Pilots everywhere, this is your invitation to join in the Truckers up Teide event in the 11th November this year.
Yes, 14 middle aged, formerly unfit Hutton Truckers will be attempting by hike and bike to get to the top of Mount Teide in Tenerife (yes, it's a volcano) , 3718m up, 63km from the coast by bike and a 3 hour hike. For SpecialEffect and Hearing Dogs.
Details on that bit are available:!


HOWEVER, we've had loads of people ask "how can I help, how can I join in?"

We're hosting one of our Hutton Races again, and it's on a planet named.... Teide! In the Magec System (It's actually Teide A). Up a mountain on a volcanic planet as a race for single players and teams, supported by the Buckyball Racing club and Alec Turner.

The discord server for communicating with both fellow racers and the Truckers up the Volcano -

The Mission

To get to the base camp at:

Either on your own, or in teams representing your player group

Then to reach the plateau at:

in the fastest time. Then have shenanigans at the top.


  • Must be by SRV for the entire route
  • Solo Entries are allowed to use a spotter in their wing to help find the way
  • Team entries must be minimum two SRV's and time is taken from the LAST one to reach the summit. Team can include other SRV's, or ships used as spotters/roving spotlights for the routes
  • Go boom? Back to base camp to try again. Team-mate goes boom? they have to go back to base camp and try and catch up
  • It's up to you to prove your time by sending links to starting and ending screenshots to
  • Must be completed on the day (at a time of your choosing, or at the official event time with the main Hutton team
  • It can be completed in BETA for PC commanders, or LIVE (* there may be advantages or disadvantages to doing so that aren't apparent until beta is released) or for console players, of course LIVE is fine
  • Unsanctioned pew pew will lead to disqualification
  • Additional credit will be given for mini-games at the summit, which is a plateau - this might include stunt jumping an SRV over as many Anacondas as you can and a sumo wrestle attempt to shove other players off the side. Base jumping might also happen throughout the day
  • Open, Private groups and Solo are acceptable, but Open might be more fun as you'll see more people

Live Streaming

Our very own Psykokow will be live streaming throughout the day on the Sunday to keep us company on our bike and hike and give everyone updates, and operating both the radio station AND, inviting guest streamers on and hosting all sorts of fun throughout the day. If you're a streamer, or you are broadcasting your attempt to reach the summit in the fastest time, get in touch here with your Twitch, Youtube or Mixer details and we'll see if we can include you as one of our point of view cameras from the side of the mountain.

Timetable for the day
DETAILS of the official "Hutton Time" live stream if you want to join in from the start point will be posted here.
You are of course free to do it any time on the day - but the best way is to bring friends and make an event out of it. Or join us and do it all day!

The official link for the Truckers up Teide fundraiser for charity is:
Any assistance from entrants, streamers and everyone else in supporting the team who will be putting their backsides on the line in the name of charity is much appreciated

Yes, we will as usual have Hutton prizes. We're attempting to wrestle Timmy Brabston's hands off the Hutton race trophy he won at the endurance race - there will also be all sorts of other goodies donated to help in the name of charity - maybe... just maybe.... including some genuine Hutton Mugs ;-)

Yes, there will be a Team winner who will take the glory for their player group/faction/squadron and also a Solo winner!


  • The Hutton Truckers (PC)
  • The Buckyballers (PC)
  • Team HOTBOX (XBox)
  • Paladin Consortium Team A
  • Ed's 38 featuring Jester D and MSB (well volunteered, chaps)
  • Canonn Interstellar who are going to science and tinfoil their way to the top
  • Obsidian Ant
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Co-organisers of the Truckers Up Teide In Game Challenge


This post is reserved for information from the Buckyball race organisers who will be working with Vingtetun and the rest of the Truckers to make the in-game event run as smoothly as possible. Since Dave and many of the other Truckers involved will be focusing their attention on climbing an actual mountain I've volunteered to be on hand here in the forum (and on the in-game mountain) to post updates, scoreboards, faqs and stuff like that.

I dare say the Buckyball Racing club will also be entering their own team in the "race". Note that I'm air-quoting the word race here because, although there will be prizes for the fastest time, this is a tough climb (it took me 1hr 15min on my first attempt and I'm quite handy in an SRV these days) so I want to encourage most people to focus on getting themselves and their team mates up the mountain first and worry about doing it quickly second.

Note: If you're going to be entering a team (or a solo attempt) then you do not need to reserve your own space in this forum thread (unless you want to) but by all means post your intent to take part in the race and feel free to ask any questions.

Also another quick bit of admin ... I'm looking for volunteers to be on hand to marshal the event during the day. If you have a few hours to spare on that day and fancy being around in a ship to help encourage, guide people who are lost and just generally make this a really fun event then please drop me a pm letting me know what hours you could do and I'll try to put together a rota. Note that this will not exclude you from also competing in the race.


Q) Where is this happening?
A) It's on Teide A (a 0.07G planet) in the Magec system which is about 51ly from Sol. The starting coordinates are at -39.6381, -82.3831 (or thereabouts) while the finish can be anywhere up on the flat plateau (you'll know it when you see it) around coordinates -41.5550, -81.1850.

Q) When is this happening?
A) At any time on the 11th November 3304.

Q) Why is this happening?
A) In real-life a group of 14 Hutton Truckers are cycling up Mt Teide in Tenerife in aid of Special Effect and Hearing Dogs (click here to make a donation). We thought it'd be cool if there was an in-game mountain climbing event running on the same day.

Q) So what do I have to do?
A) Park your SRV on or very near the given start coordinates. When you're ready take a screenshot which clearly shows both the coordinates and the time (on your HUD) and then head off up the mountain. When you reach the plateau around the given finish coordinates (anywhere on the plateau will do) take another screenshot which clearly shows the coordinates, the time and the view of the flat plain out of your windscreen. These screenshots are the evidence for your race submission. You should upload these to an image sharing website such as and then send the link for these along with the following information to:

  • Solo or Team
  • Cmdr name(s) (and if a team could you let us know who was driving and who, if anyone, was scouting from the air)
  • Team name (if applicable)
  • SRV name(s) (for fun)
  • Platform (i.e. PC, PC beta, XBOX or PS4)
  • Your time (which we'll then verify from the screenshots supplied)
Q) Can I use my ship for part of the race?
A) Absolutely not, this is an SRV only race. You can scout the site as much as you like beforehand in order to check out the finish line and plan your route but once you've taken that first screenshot you must stay in your SRV all the way until the second screenshot at the top.

Q) Couldn't I just cheat?
A) If you take the start screenshot, jump into your ship, fly up the mountain, deploy the SRV and then finish in the SRV you will be cheating nobody but yourself. As with other events run by the Buckyball Racing Club we rely on trust here. This is a challenging but fun event being run in aid of a worthwhile charity and in support of 14 middle-aged truckers on a volcano. So let's say no more about this eh?

Q) Can I get a friend to guide me up the mountain?
A) Absolutely! If you want to enlist the help of a friend to give you directions (or act as a beacon at the top) then that is fine (this is hard enough without the added problem of not knowing which way to go). In addition our hope is to have "race marshals" on site throughout the day who will be there to help so, if you get stuck or lost, just put out a call for help in local chat and hopefully someone will be along to assist. In addition there's a Discord server for the event where you may also be able to call for assistance (see the #teide-in-game-event channel).

Q) So how does the team event work?
A) If you want to do this with a group of friends then you can enter as a team. Teams can have up to 4 members. At least 2 members of the team will need to drive the entire course in an SRV and the team's final time will be that of the slowest driver (the idea here is to encourage the same spirit of comradeship, support and perseverance that will be happening for real out on that volcano in Tenerife). Each member of the team driving an SRV should take the same pair of screenshots as solo racers and submit all their screenshots as evidence.

Q) Can I compete in both the team and solo categories
A) Yes, you are allowed to compete in both categories but not in the same run (i.e. your solo submission must from a different run up the mountain to your team submission).

Q) What skill level is required/how long will it take?
A) This is a really tricky question to answer. It took me just over an hour on my first attempt (despite getting lost) but then I've spent a lot of time driving the SRV so I'm not sure how typical a competitor I am for this event. Some of the terrain is pretty steep and it's really easy to get completely lost in endless foothills, believing the summit is just over the next rise when in fact it's miles away. I think having someone else guide you (e.g. by flying to the top and saying "it's here") will really help. I would also strongly recommend scouting out a good route (making note of the coordinates of various waypoints along the way). Simply pointing yourself at the finish and attempting to go straight up will not end well imho! Having said all that, I would suggest putting aside at least 2hrs for the climb. I'm also going to predict a winning time under 30mins and that several people won't finish.

Q) Is this PC only or can I take part on Xbox and PS4 as well?
A) You can take part in this race using any game platform you like (this is true for all Buckyball Races).

Q) The Chapter 4 beta test will be out at the time of this event, can I take part in the race using the beta version?
A) Yes, if you want to race in beta that's fine. We're unaware of any significant advantage or disadvantage from being in beta so see no reason to exclude those who wish to take part in that mode (plus it could well prove to be a good test of various aspects of the game which might otherwise go untested). Note: I'm not sure yet whether or not we'll have any race marshals around in the beta version.

Q) Do I have to play in Open mode?
A) Not at all. Generally in the Buckyball Racing Club we encourage people to take part in Open mode because it can be fun to encounter other racers out on the course. This is even more true in this event where we hope a lot of people will be out on the mountain during the day. But, if you're really averse to Open mode, then you can of course take part in a private group or solo (tho' be aware that there won't then be any race marshals on hand to assist).

Q) The surface seems a bit flaky (floating rocks, driving through the mesh of the mountain, etc), is this normal?
A) Unfortunately the mountain does seem prone to these kind of surface glitches where there's a disconnect between what you see and what the ground physics model is detecting. The first signs of this are usually floating rocks along with a rather milky looking texture on the surface. It's hard enough making the climb without this so I strongly recommend that, as soon as you start to see this, you log out to the main menu and then back into the game again. This won't invalidate your run.

Q) Are there prizes?
A) Yes. There will be various prizes to be decided but pride of place goes to these two beautiful Hutton Trophy cups (one for best Team run and one for best Solo run) which could be yours to hold for the next year!


These are currently enscribed with the name of the previous holder (one Timmy Brabston who will be competing to win them back again) but your name could be on these for 3304!

Screenshots, video, etc

First batch
Here's a view of the mountain from above in case it will help people spot the site from the air.


Here's a view from the SRV of the finish plateau (as you can see it's an amazingly large flat summit and will be obvious when you find it)


And here's my SRV taking in the view from the edge of the plateau (I really hope it's lighter on the day)

Second batch (including video of a complete ascent)
Views of mountain with finish area highlighted in green.



Flying down the mountain to the start.


View of the mountain from the start line.


And here's a video of a complete ascent of the mountain at x4 speed.

Base jumping
As well as the climb up there will hopefully be other fun activities taking place on the day, the most obvious of which is base jumping off the top off the mountain and "fliving" all the way back down to the bottom

Here's one of my base jumps using the new night vision mode in the Q4 beta version of the game.


Although people are free to make their assault on the mountain at any time on the 11th November between 00:00 and 23:59 (in-game time) there is a planned schedule for the day as well. The intention is to encourage people to take part in these more communal events where possible as it will be more fun if we have lots of people playing in Open at the same time, encouraging each other during the journey to the top and sharing the experience in local chat and/or on Discord. These timed events will also be live streamed by various people.

Note also that there will be a "sportsmanship award" (nominated by the entrants).

So, the timed 'team' events will run at 7am, 2pm, 7:30pm and 10:30pm (UK/game time).

Alijax will be hosting the 7am "breakfast club" slot.

Helloitskolo and Low will be hosting the 7:30pm "Drivetime show".

We're still looking for volunteers to stream the afternoon and late evening slots.

Note: if you go to The Hutton TV Page you should be able to see all available streams and switch between them.

Charity fundraising

As mentioned in post #1 of this thread the reason those 14 brave Truckers are climbing that volcano in Tenerife is in order to raise money for two terrific charity organisations. You can find out more about these deserving charities here:

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Special Effect

The main fundraising page for the event can be found here:

The target that they're trying to raise is £10,000 and, at the time of writing, they were already 25% towards that goal which is fantastic! Dave Pearson has been at pains to point out that the Tenerife climb is the main fundraising event and that the in-game event is just a bit of fun so everyone can get involved but if I may I'd like to promote the idea of a making an entirely voluntary donation in lieu of an "entrance fee" for this race.

Every little helps!
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You guys chose a great spot. The view from the summit is absolutely incredible. You can see several other canary islands from it. And you'll be able to see a sea of clouds, almost 2000m below.

Hope you didn't underestimated the climb though :p

Don't forget to check out other nearby volcanic POIs, the Pico Viejo (big crater on Teide's western flank, can be seen from the top), the Las Cañadas Caldera (you'll cross at least part of it on the way) with it's near alien lanscape, and of course the location of the island's last eruption, the El Chinyero vent, north west of mount Teide.

If you're volcano enthusiasts and have spare time after your adventure to hang around the Canary Islands, check out La Palma with the gargantuan Tamburiente landslide scar, and the Cumbre Vieja volcano and it's many vents. Cumbre Vieja is in danger of a massive landslide in the near future (in geological timescale) that is expected to cause a massive, cross ocean tsunami.
In the other direction, there's the Lanzarote Island with it's numerous volcanic cones in and around the Timamfaya National Park, a desolate alien-like area in a dark solidified lava wasteland, green lakes and a very special location where the soil is at a 600 degree celsius just 10 meters below the ground.

If you plan on doing more Volcano treks in Europe, I recomend the Great Italian Triumvirate, Vesuvius (the most famous, and the most imposing and threatening - also check out the Phlagrean Fields supervolcano on the other side of Naples), Etna (the biggest, most beautiful and diverse, but also the most temperamental - safety first always!) and Stromboli (continually erupting for over 2000 years, a beautiful island, you can trek to the top and see the explosions and lava fountains in relative safety - you'll be going by boat, stop at Vulcano and check it out as well - watch out for the fumaroles, they have high sulfur concentration - avoid crossing them directly without protection, including eyes). All of them are easy to reach and all very worhtwhile each in it's own way.

Best of luck! And post pics!
Thankyou for the invitation HoT!! Canonn will field a team for the day. Our competitors will be

CMDR Akinla Ranthal
CMDR Cymoril Irsei
and myself.

Expect biscuit fueled shenanigans and we will science our way to the end.

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LOL - re: the placeholder posts, they're cool (it's great to know who's gonna take part) but please note, not mandatory. Please see my amended post #2.
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I have been to the top, it's absolutely fantastic. You will climb over lizard-infested lava fields, clamber past sulphur deposits and vents blowing hot vapour from the depths of the earth, see the dust blowing off the Sahara, feel the effects of half an atmosphere air pressure. It's the closest I've ever felt to standing on an alien planet. And when you stand at the top, for a moment you'll be the highest human being on the third of Earth west of the Alps and east of the Rockies.
Magec is just outside Hutton space - about a 50ly jump from Alpha Centauri if I remember right (i.e. nicely in the heart of things and easy to get to). There are docking facilities in the system not far away.
Alec has screenshots from the ascent and there are rumours that Obsidian Ant is going to be doing a pre event flyby and commentary on the mountain for us all.
We are setting up a temporary Discord channel for those taking part - both on the bike and hike and the in game event so there is one place to chat about it - watch this space for more information!

OK - Discord is LIVE for event planning - only join it if you're taking part, or streaming, or fundraising for the event please!
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We've heard from the commander who is the current holder of the Hutton trophies (both the team and solo ones) and he's agreed to pass them on, (we'll get them engraved), to the winning team and solo entry!
I will try my hardest to be there, it may be with my alt account though as I am a little way out in the black at the moment.


Volunteer Moderator
Not sure I'll be able to do this as I will be supporting the cyclists by using my static pedals while they go up Teide, but if timings work out and I get a chance I'll give it a go. Good luck to everyone taking part. :)
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