Trying to make contact with HFR Corp.

Making a stab in the dark here... Does anyone know HFR Corp, or have a way to get a hold of them? French group, doesn't seem to have an inara listing, found an old link to a discord invite but nothing valid, trying to get in contact with them. If anyone can help point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.
I'm also interested in contacting them. They are getting close to our space and I would prefer to establish relations with them to prevent any potential future conflict.
I would also suggest reach out to the other French squadrons out there, seem to all know each other from my experience
Hmm, this interests me too a little, since we already share a couple of systems and they seem very determined to expand and keep what they have. Seems like this CMDR Promizoulin had a HFR squadron in Inara but disbanded it.

Edit: Seems like HFR stands for, so it's a group formed around a forum community of a hardware magazine. I know another group that's exactly like that. They are probably a mix of serious player and casuals, which come and go, with not so strict command structure. Possibly also not so much interest for diplomacy with other groups.
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