Trying to salvage Guardian materials

I watched the video of Frontier attempting to find materials. Sure, it took them a reasonable few tries and they eventually found them.

I have spent hours tonight trying. With zero success for any Guardian tech materials.

This is really frustrating. The only detail I have not been able to duplicate is the Segnon faction or what ever it was from the "Bridging the gap" video.

At this point, I feel like the gap is just getting bigger. I have focused in on Degraded Emissions both threat 0 and 3. I don't recall seeing any other options under that type. Am I doing something wrong?

Based on my observations no one has even made a youtube video about this. Which really makes me think this system is a whopping failure. Hopefully someone will be awesome and help if they can.
I think the problem is that Segnen Exchange has left the system. Because of that the Degraded Emissions and so on where you could find Guardian materials also vanished.
That's bad news! I was planning a trip there to collect a few more Guardian Tech Components. The new multis chewed through my stock pretty fast.
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