Turbo cow...

I somehow completely missed the Type-9 racing scene until today's live stream but I want to get into future races. I'm going to build my racing Type-9 and thought I'd post my build ideas here for comment:
Here's what I got in EDShipYard so far: http://edshipyard.com/new/#/L=EY00H4C0S0,,,9p30AAAGZHqARMGbHKAfQGbHqAtyGZGKB8gGZIKBLeGZGKBeE0,,7XmGZHKmpW4_w0

I know the 80 tons of shield generators is maybe a bit much but I feel like I need it for the first few runs at least.

I'm also thinking about dropping the power plan size down one of two notches.

The name of my Type-9 was already TurboCow so now it may actually live up to it's name.

Any suggestions?
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Yeah. That sounds like it could be fun. Pfft forget shields 😂
Is this a new thing. ? Where does this activity take place ?
I remember the early days trying to scrape every bit of weight off my T9 so it could jump 13Lys.

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Guys, I was snickering at the cows racing today until I saw the really cool app and the race!
Here's the site for it: https://www.ascorbius.com/type-9-race
Thanks for the app and new "emergent game play" Cmdr Ascorbius!
Where would Elite Dangerous be without awesome third party stuff like this! Frontier obviously sees the value too!
We should all donate the value of our next paint pack to his charity!
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Ah.... So a T9 race is what happens when you stick a bottle rocket up a cow's butt and light the fuse....

I understand now.
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