TV monitors with picture/film support.

So i was trying to recreate The Smiler in Planet Coaster and even though i don't have any theming that resembles The Smiler i did had some fun with skulls, and large signs.

Anyway! I would really like it if you could place signs or TV (monitors) which let you choose a .gif, .png, .jpg, .avi or .mp4 (.webm even?) and let you play that in loop over the monitor for some extra depth, animated objects make the park look alive and monitors would help with this with moving pictures ([big grin]). Example of what you could put on the monitor is my avatar.
This has already been suggested, but yes, it would be great to let us import .GIF/.WEBM/and .PNG with alpha channel (and not just images/logos/textures like .JPG or .BMP) [yesnod][up]
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