Tweak Guest AI regarding use of Transport Rides

So I was messing around with a test park last night to see how guests entering/leaving the park via a monorail would work. You can make one too to see the weirdness. Just start a new sandbox, throw a hotel next to the park entrance gate, then run a loooong path (mine was like 500m) and put some more park entrance gates at the other end of it, then run a transport ride from one end of the path to the other. Throw some rides and shops at the far end of the path, open everything, and watch. Here's what I had:


Through all this I found some rather annoying quirks in the guest AI:

  • Guests will not use a transport ride to get to the Park Entrance Gate when arriving, is is inconsistent with-
  • Guests WILL use a transport ride to leave the park after exiting through the Park Entrance Gate. This even includes reaching the front gate and then turning around and going back into the park to get on the ride.
  • Guests will not use transport rides to get to hotels, ever.
  • Guests will only get back on a Transport Ride they have just gotten off to go to another destination if they have no way of walking there. If there's a path, they'd rather walk all the way across the park instead of ride there on the ride they just got off.
  • Guests ejected by security will use Transport Rides to leave even if there's a path available

Thing is, I have no idea if this is intended or not so I have no idea if it's a bug. As it's probably not, I'd just like to suggest the following changes to guest AI:

  • Let guests who are not in the park yet use Transport Rides to reach the Park Entrance Gate if it is faster than walking. This one is probably not possible but it never hurts to ask
  • Let guests route to Hotels via Transport Rides
  • Let guests route to destinations via a Transport Ride even if they just got off it
  • Disallow ejected guests from using Transport Rides unless there is no other way to the park exit
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Ooh, another one added with 1.8: Guests also won't use Transport Rides to go to Restaurants, so it'd be nice if that got changed too
I had a park that did exactly this.. There were 3 entrance and spawn areas that were connected by 2 monorail stations. This worked perfectly - a batch of guests would walk and a batch would use the monorail. I ended up having to also use the Studios busses to relieve the monorail of pressure when the park expanded but it worked well.. They used it to get to the fake park entrance and to leave again..
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