Twin Coasters

I think it would be good if we could make two or more rollercoasters that go around each other that will set off at the same time. For example The Dragon Challenge rollercoaster in Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando. These set off at the same time and "fight" each other.

I would like there to be an option in the game to make two or more coasters set off at the same time as each other.

Also, I would like to make two slower rides that interact with each other, for example the Men in Black ride in Universal Studios, Orlando. This is laser tag with two carts and at one point you have to shoot the other cart because they turn into aliens. I understand that this would be very hard to implement but people could create some really awesome rides with this.
Synchronized stations would be an excellent addition to the game. I see no reason why they wouldn't have this on their idea board if not already being worked on getting implemented.