ANNOUNCEMENT Two-Factor Auth enabled on Frontier Forums

Brett C

Greetings everyone,

I have completed some nightly maintenance here on the forums. Tonights maintenance includes the addition of Two Factor auth via the Google Authenticator Application on your mobile devices.

You can manage the functionality of it here:

Additionally, I would recommend disabling the IP-validation method if you've previously enabled it. You can turn that validator off at the bottom of this page here: (unless you want Triple Factor auth?!)

What's next? Just some CDN changes to further speed up the forums. :)
I am drunk and confused. You did what?
edit: (Brett, you are brilliant. but this is heavy drinking time in NZ / AU so what do we need to do?)
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If I'm a Luddite without a smart mobile device (I'm also cheap so only a flip phone for me ATM), am I now screwed? [???]

I also try to avoid Google as much as possible, as I don't believe they really adhere to their "Do no evil" motto (or did they finally dispense with it, I don't recall).
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